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The committee shall be responsible for maintaining and creating tools and initiatives to gather information from and communicate to non-represented staff. It shall work to create, interpret, and analyze the Staff Council Survey as well as organize or develop special opportunities for non-represented staff outreach and engagement. This committee shall also promote visibility of and engagement between Staff Council and the university community.

The committee shall collaborate with University leaders, units, departments, governance bodies, students, staff, faculty or any other group created to address these matters to ensure transparency and equity while promoting effective problem resolution and efficient use of University resources.

Specific responsibilities of this committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Create, interpret, and analyze the annual Staff Council Survey
  • Investigate, assess, and review communication tools (e.g. social media)
  • Communicate monthly to the Staff Council and the non-represented staff community (e.g. monthly committee summary)
  • Review & implement outreach initiatives (e.g. tabling events)
  • Work collaboratively with the Staff Council Office
  • Collaborate with other Standing Committees when appropriate and necessary

Committee Standards:

Guidelines for building effective, efficient, and respectful committee culture

Shared Leadership: Co-chairs to be decided

These individuals will share the responsibilities of generating agendas, facilitating meetings, and attending Executive Board meetings in the 2018-2019 academic year.


Meeting Schedule

Date Time Location Agenda  Approved Minutes
Wed., August 15, 2018 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., September 19, 2018 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., October 17, 2018 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., November 21, 2018 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., December 19, 2018 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., January 16, 2019 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., February 20, 2019 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., March 20, 2019 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., April 17, 2019 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman  

Wed., May 15, 2019 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman

Wed., June 19, 2019 1pm - 2pm 427A Waterman  


The Staff Council restructured its Standing Committees in July 2011. For information on past Standing Committees, Agendas and Minutes prior to this year, please contact the Staff Council Office at 802-656-4493 or

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