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Cell Phone Discounts for UVM Employees

AT&T Wireless

49 Church Street, Burlington Town Center, Burlington, VT 05401 - (802) 658-4516

344 Dorset Street, So. Burlington, VT 05403 - (802) 658-5060

Your UVM ID is required. Employees can also shop and register their discount at the dedicated UVM AT&T Premier website. The site is for new and existing users. For more information, please refer to the AT&T Flyer (.pdf) or email the AT&T Sales Representative Mary Beth Thomas at

Sprint (Updated January 2015)

University Mall, So. Burlington, VT 05403 - (802) 651-888

University of Vermont employees receive 18% off select Service/Data plans.  Activation fees are waived for new customers!

Please reference Corp ID: GVSVT_WCA_ZZZ if asked.

Find your perfect plan.

  • Sprint Family Share Pack: The Sprint Family Share Pack is the perfect plan for your data hungry family.  Get a great deal when you switch your number to Sprint. Please visit for more information.
  • Unlimited Talk, Text & Data: Get unlimited talk, text & data for as low as $50/month. Please visit for more information.

Here are the ways to Join Our Program:

  1. Visit the Sprint Kiosk! Located at the University Mall, So. Burlington, VT 05403 - (802) 651-888.
  2. Online:
  3. In-Store:
  4. Phone: (866) 639-8354

Current Promotional Offerings:

Unlimited Freedom: No more worrying about running out of data or surprise overage charges. The Unlimited Freedom Plan from Sprint costs even less because of where you work. Four lines for $35 per line for unlimited data, talk and text and $25/mo for additional lines 5 to 10.  All while on the Sprint Network. 
$100/mo for 2 lines. $30/mo/line for lines 3-10. Plus $5/mo/line discount applied w/i 3 invoices. Req. eBill. Discounted phone additional $25/mo/line. Other monthly charges apply.** All rates per month.  Restrictions apply.

Up to $650 Contract Buyout Restrictions apply
Switch to Sprint and we'll even cover your switching fees up to $650 per line, via an American Express® Reward Card (less trade-in value provided), after online registration and new phone activation.  Visit to switch today.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
With our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, try Sprint and if you’re not satisfied, return your phone and we’ll refund your money.  No gimmicks, it’s that simple.

Contact the following for any questions you might have:

Purchasing Phones/Upgrades/Discounts/Plans: Your local Sprint Store (

Billing Questions: Billing Department (866-639-8354)

General Discount Information: Joshua Parker (


Verizon Wireless

825 Williston Rd., So. Burlington, VT 05403 (Staples Plaza)  - (802) 865-3100

Verizon Wireless provides a 18% discount to UVM employees on eligible monthly wireless plans and a 25% discount on eligible accessories. You must activate this discount online at Verizon's UVM Discount Link. Please note that our discount is tied to the City of Burlington discount. When you visit the website, it will state “City of Burlington” on the page. Retirees are no longer able to access this discount due to changes in eligibility requirements made by Verizon Wireless.

To register for the discount, look for the “Existing Verizon Wireless Customers” section and click on “Enroll Now.” When you complete the online registrations form, make sure your information correctly matches what is already associated with your account. If you do not remember this information, please login to MyVerizon prior to completing the form to verify and/or update your information. It will take one to two billing cycles to activate your discount, depending on when you enroll. Your email address will not work for validation. Proof of employment is required to register i.e. paystub.

If you are unable to register online for the discount, you may visit the Verizon Wireless store at 825 Williston Rd., So. Burlington VT 05403 with your most recent Verizon Wireless bill and your UVM ID or copy of your paystub to register.

If you are asked to revalidate your employment status by Verizon Wireless, please follow the instructions given to you. If you have questions or concerns about the revalidation process, please contact our Verizon Wireless Representative Todd Johnson via email at If during the revalidation process your discount is dropped, you can re-register online or by going to the Verizon Wireless store with your most recent Verizon Wireless bill and your UVM ID as descibred above. If your bill is affected because the discount was dropped, Verizon will credit your account appropriately in future bills once you have re-registered.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our Verizon Representative Todd Johnson via email at




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