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Staff Council Contact Sheet

The Staff Council addresses larger topics and issues of concern for UVM staff members through Contact Sheets. The Staff Council maintains anonymity throughout the review of contact sheets; all names and departmental information are kept confidential.

Here's how the Process Works

How to submit a concern or issue for Staff Council involvement

To have an issue considered by the Staff Council, please complete a Contact Sheet. Contact Sheets may be completed online, or you may print and send your Contact Sheet to the Staff Council Office or ask any Staff Council Representative for assistance in forwarding your concern on to the Staff Council Office.    

What happens next?

Once you have submitted a Contact Sheet, either electronically or in paper, to the Staff Council Office, it is reviewed by the Staff Council President.  

The Staff Council President, in collaboration with the Staff Council Adminstrator, determine whether the issue outlined in the Contact Sheet can be addressed using historical or university information.  These Contact Sheets are resolved by providing the staff member submitting the Contact Sheet with information to find additional resources.  In these instances, it is often the case that the issue brought forward was recently addressed. This allows for timely information to be shared with staff bringing forth similar issues.

The Staff Council President, forwards Contact Sheets that are not resolved as described above to one of four Staff Council standing committees.  The respective committee reviews the Contact Sheet, members research the issue at hand, and a proposed outcome, or action is articulated.  The staff member submitting the Contact Sheet may be called upon for additional details during this process.  

What is the result of submitting a Contact Sheet?

The committee reviewing a particular Contact Sheet, may after research and discussion, contact the staff member and provide their research and any suggested course of action.  The Contact Sheet is  then considered closed.

When issues affecting a large number of staff, or  numerous Contact Sheets are received regarding one issue, or a group of related issues, the Council Committee to which is has been assigned may determine that a university wide policy recommendation is the best way to address staff concerns.  In these instances, the committee to which the Contact Sheet has been assigned discusses, researches and drafts an Action Sheet for submission the the Staff Council Executive Board.  The Executive Board reviews and approves the Committee's proposal.  The Executive Board may also send the proposal back to committee for further clarification or research.  Once the Action Sheet proposal is approved by the Executive Board, it is brought to the full Staff Council for approval.  This is done via vote.  Upon approval, an Action Sheet is forwarded to the Administration for review.  

Action Sheets submitted to the adminstration are reviewed by UVM's legal department as well as members of the executive staff.  These individuals approve or decline to approve the Action Sheet.  It is then forwarded to UVM's President for his/her approval.   Actions Sheets approved by the President are then implemented by the appropriate department.  Action Sheets submitted to the administration contain a thirty day deadline for response time.  Action Sheet progress is tracked both by the administration as well as the Staff Council Office.  

Contact Sheets are available in two formats:

For additional information regarding this process or how to complete Contact Sheet, please contact the Staff Council Office at 656-4493 or

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