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Photo: Members of the 2019-2020 Staff Council with UVM President Suresh Garimella

Staff Council was established in 1971 for the purpose of giving staff a voice in the decision-making process of the university. The purpose of the Council is to listen and respond to the ideas and opinions of staff and to convey them to the administration. This includes advising UVM’s President on all subjects that affect staff and informing staff of issues and policies affecting them.

Staff Council is a governance body that serves in an advisory capacity to the President at the University of Vermont (UVM) and acts as the voice and advocate for all staff*. The Vice President of Finance and Administration serves as an ex-officio member of the Council. All Staff Council initiatives and positions on key issues, however, are determined through voting at the Council’s monthly meeting.

The Council is one of five governance bodies recognized by the University.

The others include:

Unlike these other bodies, the Staff Council does not make University Policy, rather the Council and its four (4) Standing Committees submit recommendations and requests to the Administration for review based on the concerns and recommendations submitted by UVM staff through Staff Connect submissions or email. Staff Council also works collaboratively with leaders, departments, and organizations to find solution to issues and concerns that impact staff and the larger UVM Community.

Please visit our Staff Council Accomplishments page to see what the Council has achieved to better the lives of staff at UVM.

If you are interested in participating on the Staff Council, please visit our Get Involved page or contact the Staff Council Office at 656-4493 or

* Although the Staff Council serves as the voice and advocate for all staff, it does not have the same function as Collective Bargaining Units to which some members of the UVM staff belong. Those staff  who belong to UE Local 267are not permitted to participate in Staff Council  at the request of  their union.

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