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Student Employee Agreement

Student Employment Office Student Agreement

Academic Year 2016-2017

Hello and welcome to the SEO Jobs Board! We hope that you're just as excited about your employment experiences as we are! The below terms and conditions of holding a student employment position at UVM must be read and agreed to prior to exploring the SEO Jobs Board. Again, welcome aboard and best wishes in your UVM employment search.

Employee Rights

I understand that I have the right to equal employment opportunity under the UVM Policy on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action. I also have the right to apply for available positions, accept or reject offers of employment, and know that my supervisor or I may terminate my employment at any time.

As a student employee, I agree to:

  1. Not begin work prior to completing an I-9 form after securing an employment position and receiving an email confirmation that I have done so by the Student Employment Office. All first time UVM student employees that have not been paid by UVM for a year or more must complete this process.
    • SHOW proof of being hired for this position by showing the HR department your Email Notification of this matter on YOUR PHONE or by PRINTING out the email.
    • BRING ACCETABLE identification to view your options, click HERE and scroll to page 9 of 9!
  2. Report time worked. I must enter and submit my hours through the PeopleSoft Employee Payroll System no later than 12:00 p.m. on each University's biweekly payroll schedule. If my supervisor provides an earlier deadline, I must comply. I am the only person that is certified to enter my time. If I work at a Kronos site, I must swipe my Student ID each shift to clock my time.

    My student employment earnings are subject to state and/or federal income tax. I may update my state and federal income tax withholding allowances through the PeopleSoft Employee Payroll System. I have the right and am encouraged to request that my paycheck be direct deposited. This request can be made within UVM's PeopleSoft Payroll System.

  3. Attend a Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bias Session for Student Employees within my first year of UVM employment. I will be paid by my employer for my attendance.
  4. Adhere to standards of confidentiality. In the performance of my duties, I may gain access to sensitive or confidential information and records that may be protected from disclosure by federal or state law. Examples include but are not limited to education records protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). I understand that unauthorized disclosure of such Protected Information can adversely impact the University, individual persons, or affiliated organizations. I understand that fraudulent activity will result in a breach of §C5 and/or §D2 of the Prohibited Acts section of the University Code of Conduct and may be referred for a University hearing pursuant to §B and §F of the University Code of Conduct or a hearing in a Court of Law.

Federal Work Study Program (FWS)

FWS is a need-based, federal financial aid program. Under this program, funds are given to UVM to administer to students deemed eligible in accordance with the regulations and guidelines provided by the Congress of the United States and the Department of Education.

I understand that:

  1. Not all students are awarded FWS. I will check my financial aid package to verify whether or not I have been awarded Federal Work Study and agree to the terms and conditions if awarded.
  2. The amount of FWS funding listed in my financial aid award package reflects the maximum amount of gross FWS pay that I may earn. In the event that I earn more, my employment will be terminated and the department that hired me will be charged the overage.
  3. I may not earn more than half of my full year FWS award in the fall semester. The last day of the fall semester is the last day of fall final exams.
  4. My FWS earnings are subject to state and federal income tax. I may update my state and federal income tax withholding allowances through the PeopleSoft Employee Payroll System at any time.
  5. If my FWS eligibility changes for any of the reasons listed below, I will be notified via my UVM email. I must notify my employer of any changes to my FWS award.
    • I am eligible for any sources of financial assistance (including grants and scholarships) which are not currently reflected in my UVM financial aid award.
    • Additional applicable financial information is provided to Student Financial Services.
    • There are changes in my enrollment status or if I fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the University.
  6. I may have a maximum of three FWS jobs as long as I secure one by the deadlines noted below. I am also eligible for student employment (non-FWS) positions and may seek these opportunities at any time.

    My FWS eligibility will be terminated if I:

    • Do not secure a fall only or full year FWS position by October 1.
    • Decline the fall portion of my full year award and fail to reserve the spring by October 1 by contacting Student Financial Services. If I elect to do this or am a spring admitted student, I must secure at FWS position by February 15.
    • Fail to enroll in classes or study abroad.

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