University of Vermont

Student Employment Office

Managing Student Employee Performance

Instances involving sexual harassment, discrimination, criminal activity, fraud, or serious offenses that violate UVM policies must immediately be brought to the attention of Mary McClements, the Student Employment Coordinator. Upon reviewing the complaint, a referral may be made by the coordinator/director to the appropriate university authorities (Office of Affirmative Action or Dean of Students Office). However, progressive disciplinary procedures outlined below may proceed in the employment setting (if appropriate) after referral to another university office has been made.

Incident Report Form (PDF)

Progressive Discipline Guidelines

If student employees fail to meet reasonable standards of performance, supervisors are expected to take appropriate action in the manner outlined in this set of guidelines. The goal of these steps is to improve job performance, so that the student may continue as an effective member of the working environment.

Please refer to the Student Employment Handbook for progressive discipline guidelines, which can be found on page 9.

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