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Recruiting & Hiring Student Employees

Most recruiting and hiring efforts are completed through the Student Employment Jobs Board. The recruitment and hiring of student employees continues throughout the year with the majority of efforts beginning prior to the start of the fall semester. Undergraduates and graduates with Federal Work Study are granted access to the Student Employment Jobs Board once admitted and have registered for courses. Steps to  review available employment opportuities and directions for applying for a position are provided on the Jobs Board home page.  Employer contacts and/or Supevisors can initiate an account on the SEO Jobs Board at any time and will be granted access after they have agreed to the Supervisor Terms and Conditions and once their request has been reviewed and approved by the SEO.  After access has been granted, the employer contact and/or supervisor will be able to post jobs and request the student(s) that they wish to hire. There are always students who are changing positions, looking for a second job, or that may choose to wait until the spring semester to work (this includes admitted students for the Spring only), therefore, it is imperative that the jobs available for student viewing reflect accurate information at all times. 

How do I choose a student?

As a supervisor your goal should be to hire the best qualified applicants. We recommend that you manage the selection process as you would any other hire in your department/agency.

You may choose to use an application form to help with the process. You may conduct job interviews and base your hire selection on the qualifications presented. In addition to finding better candidates, expecting students to apply and compete for positions has the advantage of teaching students valuable job search skills.

Students should arrive at the job interview prepared to answer questions pertinent to the position and s/he should bring her/his schedule showing commitments and available work hours. At the interview, you should provide applicants with a job description and as much position information as possible. Remember, once a student has been hired, you are required to follow these procedures.

You've found your person, how do you hire?

Step 1: Make sure the student is found in the Student Employment Jobs Board. If you hire a student NOT found in the database, you have NOT hired the student as a UVM Federal Work Study employee. Therefore, your agency/department will be required to pay the student out of your own agency's/department's budget.

Step 2: Once you and the student have agreed to work together, be sure to complete the placement process "Request a Student Employee Hire" on the SEO Jobs Board. Based on the wage range, you will assign an hourly rate when hiring a student. The minimum wage in Vermont is $9.15 per hour and the maximum that a student with Federal Work Study is $13.00 per hour. Most students choose to work between 5-7 hours per week.

Step 3: Make sure your student employee has completed all necessary UVM Human Resources paperwork including but not limited to the I-9 Employment Eligibilty Verification form.

Step 4: With UVM's state of the art Jobs Board, once a placement match has been approved, the student's employee profile will be automatically created within PeopleSoft.

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