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UVM Federal Work Study Program

What is Federal Work Study?

Federal Work Study is a form of financial aid, funded by the federal government, which helps students meet educationally related expenses by paying hourly wages for part-time employment.

Each year students, working both in on-campus positions and off-campus non-profit organizations, earn in excess of $2,000,000. UVM offers over 1,500 jobs to students who are eligible to receive this money. Even more important, research shows that employment is a primary factor in student retention and success. Students who work are more likely to earn a degree, and they earn grades comparable to their non working peers. Part-time work experience can also be a significant factor in development of work ethics and career choice. Studies have found that part-time work during college is a significant factor in post-secondary career choice and success.*

Your role as a student employee or a supervisor is critical to the participation and development of one of our community's most important resources: our student work force. Let us help you!

*Beeson M. J., & Wessel, R. D. (2002). The impact of working on campus on the academic persistence of freshmen. Journal of Student Financial Aid, 32(2), 37–45.

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