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Student Employment Office

UVM Hires Students

UVM hires over 3,000 student employees each year.

Download the Student Jobs Board Step by Step Guide.

Check out the Student Employment Handbook.

Read the Supervisor Agreement.

Becoming a Student Employee Supervisor

Use the [+] to reveal more information.

Register for a Student Employment Jobs Board account
  • Navigate to JobX.
  • Select the applicable "Employer" type: On Campus Employers or Off Campus Employers
  • Select "request a login for a new jobs board account"
  • Login using your UVM netid and password
  • Review the Employer Training Presentation or follow the on-screen instructions
  • Review the Supervisor Agreement and submit your confirmation
Hiring a Student

Once you have created an account through JobX you may wish to hire a student. All undergraduates and graduates with work study must be hired through the SEO Jobs Board.

Once you have made a student employee hire request:

  • The Student Employment Office will review your request for approval.
  • Watch for your confirmation e-mail from the Student Employment Office confirming that your hire request has been approved (notifications are immediately after a request has been approved). If your student hire does not have an I-9 on file, they will need to complete this process prior to beginning work.
I-9/Eligibility to Work in the U.S.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to confirm their student employee has completed their I-9. A student may not work until they have completed the form and the indicator is at yes.

Questions regarding the I-9 verification query should be directed to or (802) 656-3150. If you have questions specific to student employment, email or call (802) 656-5705.