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Below you will find the steps that all students, and financial aid applicants in particular, need to follow to ensure all aspects of the student account and financial aid (if applicable) are in order. Every student should review the Checklist for All Students, and financial aid applicants should also review the Checklist for Financial Aid Applicants. Additionally, first-year students should review the comprehensive Admitted Student Checklist

Checklist for ALL Students

check boxActivate your NetID and check your UVM e-mail account frequently!

The University's official means of communication is your UVM assigned e-mail address. Critical information about financial aid, billing, and your student account will be sent only by e-mail. Visit to activate your NetID and set up your UVM e-mail account. Under Account Services, click on "Set up your NetID" or "Reset a forgotten password." To check your e-mail from any computer, visit

check boxSet up a Proxy for your account!

As a UVM student, you are the only person who will receive billing notices and have online access to your billing account and financial aid information unless you set up other individuals with Proxy Access. If you have a parent, spouse, or others supporting the financial aspects of your education, we strongly recommend you set them up with Proxy Access. By granting Proxy Access you:

  • authorize Student Financial Services staff to speak to your proxy about your financial records
  • have the ability to authorize the proxy so that they can:
    • access your account and billing and/or financial aid information online
    • make payments towards your account
    • receive financial aid and billing related email notifications
Individuals set up as a Proxy will not have access to your grades, schedule, registration, transcripts, etc. Set up individuals with Proxy Access on the Student Financial Services page of the myUVM portal. Staff in Student Financial Services are unable to set up Proxy Access for your account, or reset the PIN for your Proxy.

For more information about setting up a Proxy, please visit this link: Setting Up A Proxy.

Why is Proxy Access so important?
Student Financial Services staff can only speak in full about your UVM billing and financial aid account with you or individuals you have set up with Proxy Access. Even if a parent is paying the bill or his/her information is on your FAFSA, unless you set him/her up as a Proxy, counselors will be unable to speak freely with him/her about all aspects of your bill and/or financial aid. Therefore, it is very important that you set up Proxy Access for anyone who will be helping you with financing your UVM education.

check boxView billing information and due dates!

Review our statement generation and bill due dates, as well as our policy regarding late payment. This information is extremely important to ensure that you are never faced with a hold on your student record (blocking registration and access to grades and transcripts) or a late payment fee. Please review the following information:

check boxSend any outside scholarship checks and award letters to SFS!

If you received a scholarship from your high school or other organization, please send us a copy of your award letter. If you have received the check for the scholarship, and it is payable to you, please endorse it over to UVM by signing the back and writing "Pay to the order of UVM" under your signature, and send it to us to be applied to your student account. Review instructions (PDF) on what information to send to UVM and where to send it.

check boxSet up a monthly payment plan with Tuition Management Systems!

UVM has contracted with Tuition Management Systems to offer a monthly payment plan. Payments are stretched over 10 months (5 for each semester) and run July through April. Go to to learn more and to enroll in a payment plan.

check boxView the tuition refund schedule!

There is a short period of time each semester, called the add/drop period, during which you may make course changes without incurring any financial penalties for dropped courses. Click here to view the tuition refund schedule to see what percentage of tuition (if any) is refunded for course withdrawals after the end of the add/drop period.

check boxPurchase tuition insurance!

An optional insurance program is available to help refund your tuition, fees, and room/board charges, up to the annual policy limits, if you are unable to complete the semester due to a covered medical reason. This insurance program complements and enhances UVM's refund policy and we believe families will benefit from this added protection. Visit GradGuard for additional information.

check boxPay your bill!

We accept various methods of payments — click here to learn more. Be sure to respond to your bill by the due date!

check boxMake your annual health insurance decision!

You must submit your health insurance decision online each year, indicating whether you will purchase the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan or have other coverage. Please click here to view information on who is required to have health insurance and to access the Insurance Decision Form for accepting or waiving the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan. You must submit your insurance decision AFTER registering for classes.

Checklist for Financial Aid Applicants

check boxApply for financial aid!

To be considered for all available federal, state and institutional aid, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Learn more about the application process and deadlines here.

check boxLearn about types of aid that may be available!

Click here to learn about the types of aid available for financial aid applicants.

check boxCheck your financial aid application status!

After submitting your FAFSA, you can check the status of your financial aid application through your secure online account.

check boxSubmit any requested documentation!

If additional information is needed to determine your financial aid award, you will be sent an email notification. Monitor your email accounts frequently for requests for further information. You can also check your online account to see if there are any outstanding requirements. Complete/submit any requested items as soon as possible.

Graduate students: You will be required to submit a Graduate Student Data Form, on which you will list your anticipated enrollment and any funding that you are receiving from your department, the Graduate College, or other sources. This information is required for your financial aid award to be determined. If you are unsure of your funding, please contact the Graduate College. The form will be added as a requirement on your student account after we have received your FAFSA record. You may also have other requirements, so watch your email and UVM account for notifications.

check boxComplete Promissory Notes and Loan Entrance Counseling for loans!

Most loans will require completion of a Promissory Note and federal student loans (Stafford and Perkins) require completion of Loan Entrance Counseling by first-time borrowers. Click here to review the requirements for the loans that you plan to use, then complete those requirements as soon as possible.

check boxSet up direct deposit!

If you expect that your financial aid (or other payments) will pay more than the expenses charged to your student account, you need to set up a Direct Deposit account where UVM can send the excess money. The excess will be refunded to the bank account you enter for your Direct Deposit, and can be used for any education related expenses. If your parent is borrowing a Federal Parent PLUS Loan, the refund will be issued to the parent borrower directly (in the form of a paper check), unless they have requested that the refund be released to you (which is done during the application process for the loan). Click here to learn more.

check boxAccept and/or decline your financial aid awards!

In late May, if you have an offered financial aid award, you will receive a notification from Student Financial Services to accept or decline that award. You will accept/decline your award through the myUVM portal. For more information on when and how to accept your financial aid, please click here.

Returning students are able to accept and/or decline their financial aid awards as soon as they are available to view. Awards for returning students are generated beginning in mid-June.

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