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Information for Funded Graduate Students

Applying for financial aid

  • Funded graduate students may apply for federal financial aid to assist in covering charges not covered by the graduate college or their department; and to assist with living expenses. The FAFSA is the first step in applying for financial aid. You will also need to submit a Graduate Student Data form to our office. See our Applying for Financial Aid section for more details.
  • So that we can provide you with the most accurate financial aid award possible, please complete your Graduate Student Data form in full and as accurately as possible. Once the form has been submitted, notify our office by e-mail ( of any changes to your enrollment plans and/or funding.
  • The following factors will impact your financial aid eligibility:
    • The number of credits in which you are enrolled per semester.
    • Any tuition/fee/health insurance amounts being paid by the graduate college and/or your department.
    • Payments made by the graduate college and/or your department to cover the difference between the out-of-state and in-state rates of tuition.
    • Stipend amounts, unless your stipend is for work performed at the University.

Payroll Deductions

  • If you are receiving a stipend, a payroll deduction allows you to pay your tuition and fee charges (or a portion of these charges) by having funds withheld directly from your paycheck.
  • Payroll deductions may be used to cover charges for tuition, comprehensive fees, health fees, and/or UVM health insurance premiums. Payroll deductions cannot be used to pay for rent or for miscellaneous charges assessed by various University departments.
  • Payroll deductions must be set up in person at UVM Student Financial Services. You will need to have the following information available in order to initiate the payroll deduction:
    • The amount of your semi-monthly paycheck and (if your stipend has not yet begun) your first pay date.
    • The number of credits you will be enrolled in for the semester.
    • The exact amount of funding you will be receiving from your department and/or the graduate college.
    • Whether you will need to purchase UVM health insurance and if so, and how much funding (if any) you expect to receive from your department and/or the graduate college to assist with your insurance premium.
  • Any changes to your payroll deduction must be made in person. Your payroll deduction will continue as initially established, even if it generates an overpayment on your account, unless you arrange otherwise.
  • Your charges from the semester must be paid in full before you will be permitted to register for a future semester.
  • In order to avoid assessment of a $250 late payment fee, your payroll deduction must be set up prior to the bill due date, and the payroll deduction and other sources of funding must fully cover your balance due for the semester.

Settling your Bill

While you may be anticipating funding to cover most or all of your charges, it remains your responsibility to settle your bill in full before the bill due date. If your bill is not settled by the due date, you will be assessed a $250 late payment fee and a hold will be placed on your student records. If your bill shows a balance due, you must respond to your bill even if another department on campus knows how your bill will be paid.

If the outstanding balance on your bill will be covered by a payroll deduction, your payroll deduction must be in place before the bill due date.

If you are expecting the Graduate College or your department to pay some or all of your charges – notify our office of this expected payment. Do not assume that the payment by the Graduate College or department will be received by the due date.

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