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Requirement: Submit Student Federal Tax Return Transcript

For the 2017-2018 academic year submit your 2015 tax return transcript.
For the 2016-2017 academic year submit your 2015 tax return transcript.

Only submit your tax return transcript for the year requested in your requirements!

For verification purposes, follow the steps below to request and submit to Student Financial Services your Federal Tax Return Transcript. Please note that we are no longer allowed to accept copies of the federal tax return forms (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, etc.) that are submitted by you or your preparer to the IRS. The Tax Return Transcript must be requested directly from the IRS, and is generally available 2 weeks (if you e-filed) or 8 weeks (if you filed by paper) after you file your taxes.

For Non-IRS Tax filers:
Tax filers who filed an income tax return with a taxing authority in a U.S. Territory (Guam, American Samoa, The U.S. Virgin Islands) or commonwealth (Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands), or with a foreign central government, must submit a copy of a transcript of their tax information if a transcript is available at no charge from that jurisdiction's taxing authority. If you are not able to obtain a free copy of a transcript, you may submit a signed copy of the applicable year's income tax return that was filed with the taxing authority (please make notations of translation into english and convert into U.S. dollars), along with a note indicating that you were unable to obtain a free copy of the transcript.

Steps for requesting and submitting IRS Federal Tax Return Transcript:

  1. Contact the IRS by one of the following methods to request your Federal Tax Return Transcript. If you filed a joint return (i.e. married filing jointly), the primary filer must request the transcript (the person listed first on the return). Be sure to request the Tax RETURN Transcript, and NOT a Tax ACCOUNT Transcript, except for the following circumstances: If you, your representative, or the IRS made changes to your return after it was filed, please request and submit to Student Financial Services both the Tax Return Transcript AND the Tax Account Transcript.
    • Get Transcript by mail here
    • Get Transcript by phone IRS: 1-800-908-9946
  2. Once you receive your tax return transcript, write your Student 95 Number on the top of all pages and submit a copy to Student Financial Services using the contact information below. Please do NOT request the transcript be sent directly to us from the IRS, as you should save a copy for your files in case there is ever need to resubmit it. Be sure to keep a copy of the transcript for your records!

Note: If you had an untaxed IRA or pension distribution that was a rollover, please also complete and submit our Rollover Verification Worksheet.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT send copies of tax return forms (form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) to Student Financial Services. We are no longer allowed to use tax return form copies to complete verification on student accounts. The federal tax return transcript MUST be requested directly from the IRS. We will shred any tax return form copies we receive without reviewing them.

FOLLOW UP: Once your federal tax return transcript has been submitted to Student Financial Services, please allow 3-5 business days for your requirements to be updated online (longer if you mail the information). Due to a heavy volume of mail, phones calls, and emails, we ask that you do not contact us to check the status of your completed/submitted requirements. Check the status in the myUVM portal by selecting "Review Your Requirements" in the Student Financial Services menu.

Document Submission Methods

Submit information by one of the following methods. These are listed in order of preference, from the method that takes the least processing time to the most.

For security of your information, we suggest that students and parents black out all but the last four digits of the SSN if listed on any documents you are sending, except in a case where we are specifically requesting the SSN.

  1. Send by fax to 802-656-4076.
  2. Upload and submit documents using our online document submission form.
      Please note that we do not accept electronic signatures, so for a document where signatures are required you will need to print and sign the document, then scan it back to your computer before submitting through our online form.
  3. Mail documents to:
      UVM Student Financial Services
      223 Waterman Building
      85 South Prospect Street
      Burlington, VT 05405
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