“Field Education is a form of experiential learning in which the ‘real world’ of practice becomes the classroom and the teacher, simultaneously.” -UVM MSW Program Bulletin

Welcome to the Department of Social Work Field Education Home Page. We are very excited about the experiences our students and Field Instructors are having and about the endless possibilities that are out there just waiting for new students and Field Instructors. Social Work Field education is such a vital and rich component of both the BSW and MSW curricula; we consider it an honor to accompany the students through the process.

Due to our commitment to individualization and collaboration, we pride ourselves in the amount of support we can offer students and Field Instructors. The Field Education Team is comprised of Susan Haggerty (professional administrative support), JB Barna (Field Education Coordinator), all of the BSW and MSW Faculty members, and several Adjunct Faculty members who serve as Faculty Field Liaisons. The presence and leadership of the Liaisons provides the vital link between the Department of Social Work and the Practice Community. Liaisons are assigned to individual students and Field Instructors and visit each site 2-3 times a year. Liaisons become quickly engaged with the student's work and provide consistent and enthusiastic support to both the student and Field Instructor.

It is our Field Instructors, however, that we rely on most heavily. Social work education depends on the generosity and skills of our colleagues practicing in the field to provide this vital practicum expericne for our students. We know the rewards come primarily from the relationships developed between students and field instructors, and we honor and value that immensely. Each year we celebrate the contributions of our field instructors at an on-campus luncheon where we also recognize one field instructor for distinguished service as an educator in preparing students in the field for social work practice. The Field Instructor of the Year Award.

We have included information below that we believe will serve both students and Field Instructors. Please take notice of the on-line forms/links for students, field instructors, and liaisons - these are needed for successful completion of the field education experience.

  1. Field Education Manual
    1. Processes and Policies
    2. Appendices
  2. Student Application Forms to Field
    1. Undergraduate Field Readiness
      1. Pre-Planning Form
      2. Field Application
      3. Student Self-Assessment
    2. Foundation MSW Field Application
    3. Advanced Standing MSW Field Application
    4. Concentration MSW Field Application
    5. Application for Field Placement in Place of Employment
  3. Becoming a Field Instructor
    1. Benefits of Supervising/Training a Field Student
    2. Criteria for Selection of Field Agencies and Field Instructors
    3. How to Become a Field Instructor
    4. Support for Field Instructors
    5. Matching Field Agencies/Organizations with Field Students
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Field Student
    2. Faculty Field Liaison
    3. Field Instructor
  5. Field Course Syllabi
    1. SWSS 173/174
    2. SWSS 290
    3. SWSS 390
  6. Field Assignments
    1. Learning Agreement
    2. Process Records
  7. Evaluation Forms
    1. Mid-Year/Final Evaluation of Undergraduate Field Student
    2. Mid-Year/Final Evaluation of Foundation MSW Field Student
    3. Mid-Year/Final Evaluation of Concentration MSW Field Student
  8. Other Forms
    1. Record of Field Site Visit
    2. Student Evaluation of Field Experience
    3. Student Evaluation of Faculty Field Liaison
      1. Undergraduate
      2. Foundation and Concentration MSW
    4. Evaluation of Field Program by Field Instructor


We do hope you enjoy browsing through the information we’ve provided. Please feel free to visit us in person or to contact JB directly (802-656-8409 / jbarna@zoo.uvm.edu) to discuss the program more fully.