Dear Social Work Students,


As part of a social work student's professional preparation and development, there are

particular skills that are just as important as the discrete knowledge one learns about

social work in the textbooks and classroom. These are fundamental to a student's

progression through the BSW Program.


Because of the central importance of these skills, the BSW Program Committee has

developed the Rubric for Assessing Professional Development (please see the attached

document) to help you to clearly understand our Department's and profession’s

expectations and values. Not only will this rubric be introduced to you in a Town Meeting

format in class, but also you will find it accessible on our Department website, as well as

in future BSW Program Bulletins. This rubric provides you with the opportunity to assess

your professional development on an on-going basis and to engage in dialogue with

your academic advisor about areas of strength and challenges for you.


Therefore, beginning with your next advising appointment, you are expected to come to

your academic advising sessions prepared with a completed Rubric for Assessing

Professional Development and a printed copy of your CATS Report. These documents

will be kept in your advising folder following your meeting with your advisor.


Additionally, as your are aware, the BSW Program Committee reviews each student’s

progress at the end of every semester. If committee members have a concern that a

student may not be meeting the Department’s standard expectation, the student’s rubric

will be pulled from her/his file in order to examine any discrepancy between the

committee’s concern and the student’s assessment. This will then provide the

committee with a starting point for work with the student to resolve any concerns.


The BSW Program Committee is very excited to begin implementing this resource for all

of us as we build our professional social work community with each of you.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Julie Richards