Does Psych 53-54 (or 109-110) Substitute for Soc. 100?

Soc/Psych Majors/Minors – Psychological Science’s two semester methods sequence (psys 53-54, or prior to 2015, 109-110) substitutes for Soc 100, but a student would still need four additional sociology credits, not three, and the sociology department offers no one-credit courses at this time.  The Psychological Sciences sequence would substitute for Soc 100 for a minor selecting the Soc 100 option, but would not substitute for any of the new minor requirements; it does not substitute for Soc. 90. if you complete Psys 53-54/109-110, you do not need to take Stat. 51; you do need to come up with the 34 total credits in Sociology.