Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in SOCIOLOGY
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Please note: The rules for 200-level seminars that meet requirements changed in Fall 2017. If you were enrolled before Fall 2017 and have questions about which requirements apply to you, contact your advisor or Sociology Chair Prof.
Dale Jaffe.

For students who enrolled at UVM in Fall 2017 or later:
• Soc 001
• Stat 051 (or higher)
• Soc 100 (a 4 credit course)
• Soc 101
• Nine additional credits at the 100-level
• Nine additional credits at the 200-level
• Three additional credits at any level
Only 3 credit hours of TA (188/288) may count toward the major. At least 3 of the 200 level credits must come from courses 202-281 or 295-296.
Go here for a current major requirements form. (The past major requirements form is here.)

Social Gerontology concentration: The Department of Sociology offers an optional twelve credit concentration in Social Gerontology for Sociology Majors only, including SOC 020 and SOC 120; either SOC 220 or SOC 222; and at least one course from SOC 154, SOC 254, or SOC 255. Students interested in completing the Social Gerontology concentration are encouraged to consult their faculty advisor early in their program.
200 Level specialization

  • Students planning to focus in a particular area of study are strongly encouraged to take an additional 200-level course in that area
  • Students planning postgraduate training in sociology or related areas are strongly encouraged to take at least two courses from the advanced Theory/Methods area:
    • SOC 274 Qualitative Research Methods
    • SOC 275 Meth of Data Anyl in Soc Rsch