Is Sociology for You?

If you are actively concerned about the world you live in and want to do something constructive and useful in it - whether in law, business, education, medicine, urban or rural planning, etc. - sociology provides our best means for understanding how "the system" works. Whether you want to change society radically, modify it, preserve it as it is, or restore it to a bygone era, you must first understand what the structure of system is, how social order is maintained, and how social change can be affected. Sociology can give you some of that knowledge and can further help you acquire the analytic tools to develop it on your own.

Sociology majors generally leave with solid research skills, people skills, and presentation skills, which helps prepares them for many fields of work. Some of our students go on to get PhDs in Sociology or related fields and
have become sociology professors. Many of our students work in human service agencies, or go on to Masters in social work programs, law school, etc. One former student started her own business drawing upon her sociology courses in gerontology. Another former student became an investment advisor. Another became CEO of a retirement community. Another pursued a successful career in politics. For more information, see our Careers page, and look at our Sociology Alumni page on Facebook.

Sociology is similar to other liberal arts degrees, such as philosophy and history, insofar as the skills you acquire are "transferrable" to many fields. Our students go into a variety of fields because a liberal arts degree equips students to do research, write and read critically and analytically so they can be trained for any kind of work. Many public or nonprofit agencies, governmental bureaus, and community programs hire sociology majors, as do organizations that need people with skills in sociological methodology and social statistics. Often, sociology serves as a pre-professional background.