Getting Transfer Credit for 200-Level Courses
All Sociology majors need at least three 200-level courses, and if you go abroad your junior year or need just one more 200-level course to graduate, it is sometimes tempting to try to get transfer credit from another university to count for a 200-level sociology course. If you are hoping to do this, you should be aware that the department has VERY SPECIFIC requirements for what counts as a sociology 200-level seminar. To qualify as a 200-level course in sociology, the course needs: 1) To be writing intensive: e.g. require a scholarly research paper of 15 pages or more, or a series of short papers, with a total of at least 20 pages or more of writing during the semester. 2) To require reading of and in-depth engagement with original, peer-reviewed sociological scholarship (as opposed to text books or journalistic writing). 3) To require an average of at least 80 pages of reading a week. 4) To involve required oral presentations (which can make online courses ineligible for transfer credit).

For more general information about transferring credit from other universities to UVM, see: