Sociology 90, Introduction to Sociological Theory and Methods

CRN #14166 1:55-2:45 M W F
Professor Jennifer Strickler and Professor Thomas Streeter
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Sociological theories and methods provide ways of getting beyond mere opinions and points of view, and allow us to come up with firm answers to questions about how our social world works, why things are the way they are, and what might be done to change things. Coming up with answers to sociological questions is important to many fields besides sociology: medicine, geography, history, global studies, political science, and many other fields sometimes need sociological theories and methods.

Using a mix of writing assignments and exams, this course provides a solid grounding in various ways sociologists know what they know and do what they do. You will learn how to read sociological articles and interpret claims about society critically. In Spring 2014, it will be team-taught by Professors Streeter and Strickler.

This course is open to anyone, would provide good background for many fields, and could be useful in helping you choose a minor, major, or a career. It is also required of all Sociology minors.