Sociology is a popular department, staffed by active scholar/teachers working in the forefront of this important field of study. Our department is known on campus for strong teaching and we offer a variety of courses in which we use the sociological perspective to analyze current social issues, including wealth and poverty, crime, deviance, gender, the social organization of the family, race relations, health care, and death and dying. Several of our courses offer hands-on field experience with government and social services agencies.

What is Sociology?
Have you ever talked about "role models" or "self-fulfilling prophecies?" Have you ever said to someone "it's not what you know, it's who you know?" Have you ever talked about "glass ceilings?" If you've used any of these ideas, you've used sociology. These are all concepts that originated in empirical sociological research and have since seeped into popular consciousness. Click here to learn more.

Is Sociology for You?
If you are actively concerned about the world you live in and want to do something constructive and useful in it - whether in law, business, education, medicine, urban or rural planning, etc. - sociology provides our best means for understanding how "the system" works. Click here to learn more..

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Spotlight on Sociology