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VTRC Research and Outreach: sustainable transportation

Sustainable Transportation

VTRC researchers conduct studies on the needs for tourism-related transportation. We focus on a range of transportation modes, from walking to buses, that are especially important to tourism and parks.


The Certification for Sustainable Transportation (CST) was founded in 2012 to help improve economic, environmental, and energy efficiency within the passenger transportation sector. The CST is a direct outgrowth of work that began at the University of Vermont (UVM) in 2005 and now houses the eRating certification, driver trainings, and an array of awareness and education programs.

Sustainable Transportation in Parks

The UVM Rubenstein School Park Studies Laboratory conducts research on transportation in parks focused on the most important and desirable attributes of selected tourism-related forms of transit and the standards that visitors to parks and tourism destinations expect in transportation systems. Study findings are translated into best practices guidelines that can be used to guide park and tourism-related transportation planning and management.

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