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Vermont Trail Collaborative

The Vermont Trail Collaborative was established in 2009 to improve management of trails and recreation on the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) and throughout Vermont.

Working Groups

Much of the work of the Trail Collaborative is done by the work groups listed below. Learn more about what each group is doing by following the links.

Stewardship and Communication Work Group

In collaboration with the Vermont Trails and Greenways Council, the Stewardship and Communication Work Group is taking the lead on a coordinated effort throughout the state to improve the educational and interpretive information available for trail users. Learn more...

Landscape Management Work Group

The Landscape Management Work Group is evaluating ways to improve upon the overall trail system on the GMNF and surrounding areas. The objectives of the group are to address landscape scale issues transcending landownership and jurisdictional boundaries which have been identified from local knowledge, previous planning and the collaborative process. Learn more...

Science Panel Work Group

A panel of stakeholders and scientists is cataloguing relevant studies for trail management on the GMNF and surrounding areas. The Science Panel also is planning future research in coordination with the Landscape Management and Stewardship and Communication Work Groups. Learn more...

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