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CE-170 Structural Analysis

CE-170 Structural Analysis

4 credits

The inherent strength and stiffness possessed by solids which allows stable forms to exist is their structure. Some structures arise spontaneously in nature others are engineered by humans. The objective of this course is to provide the conceptual framework that enables a rational understanding of structural forms and the analytical tools necessary to analyze structures subject stresses and strains within the linear-elastic range of the constitutive material.


Structural Analysis 8th Edition. R.C. Hibbeler, Prentice Hall 2012


30o/60o and 45o set squares, mechanical pencil, calculator, and engineering paper


Dr. Eric M. Hernandez Office: 217 Votey Hall E-mail: Office hours: T and Th 4:00 – 5:30 PM or upon request in special cases.


1. Present fundamental theory of structures. Equilibrium-Compatibility-Constitutive laws
2. Provide tools for modeling structural systems subject to loading and environmental effects
3. Provide methods for analyzing statically determinate structural systems, this includes computation of reactions, internal forces, stresses and deformations
4. Introduce the concept of structural reliability


  • Review of pre-requisites: Statics, Strength of Materials, Matrices, MATLAB
  • Introductory discussion: Equilibrium-Compatibility-Constitutive laws
  • Types of structures
  • Loads on structures
  • Cables and arches
  • Analysis of statically determinate structures
    i. Analysis of internal forces in structural systems
    ii.Influence lines for statically determinate structures
  • Computation of deflections
    i. Second order differential equation
    ii. Moment area theorems
    iii. Energy methods
    iv. Virtual work
  • Analysis of statically indeterminate structures by superposition (force method)
  • Uncertainty in structural analysis. Introduction to structural reliability analysis

Computer Usage:



Assignments 15%
Lab assignments 10%
Quizzes 45%
Final Exam 30%

Instructions for Assignments:

All assignments must have a separate presentation page indicating: the university, course name/number, instructor, student’s name, assignment number, date assigned, due date. All calculations must be made by hand on engineering paper (unless instructed to do otherwise explicitly by instructor). All pages must be numbered sequentially starting at the presentation page. Late assignments will not be accepted. Assignments that do not comply with any of these instructions will not be graded.

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