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Opening weekend festivities don't just stop with the excitement of a Friday move-in - they continue with events like Campus Hop, Club 590, Cats at the Movies, Convocation, and more - and carry on well into your first week of classes. Schedules will be updated throughout the spring. Please check back!

Move-In Day

Friday, August 26th 2016

What to Expect: You'll unpack, meet your roomie(s), hang out with your floor and be guided through a number of activities with your RA (a.k.a. resident advisor). Be sure to check your Housing Assignment for your room number, residence hall, and arrival time before you arrive.

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Opening Weekend

Friday, August 26 - Sunday, August 28 2016

What to expect: Once you're all moved in Friday night you'll stay busy with a number of RA meetings, events and activities (all of which are fun - we promise). Some of these are optional, others you can't miss. We want you to make connections, hang out with new friends, and learn about life at UVM.

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Week of Welcome

Week of Welcome
Monday, August 29 - September

What to Expect: Classes start Monday - but that doesn't mean it's all business from here on out. Throughout the month of September there's something great happening every day and night. Pro tip: Check out the UVM BORED calendar for the latest events (we're adding things all the time).

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