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June Orientation Program Overview

Below is a general overview of both the student and the family schedule during our June Orientation program.

Orientation begins with Check-In on the first day from 8 - 10AM at the Harris / Millis Residential Complex, and the program begins promptly at 10:30am. We recommend arriving earlier within that period to avoid delays as there will be a large number of students and families checking in during that time.

You will check out by 3pm on the second day - due to randomly assigned course registration times we are unable to provide an exact end time for the program, as it differs from student to student. Detailed program schedules will be provided to you at check-in - unfortunately due to the complexity of our orientation program we are unable to provide detailed schedules prior to your arrival on campus.

If you are making travel plans, please plan accordingly. We are unable to provide an additional night of housing after you session has ended, but do have Early Arrival options available the day prior to your session for individuals traveling long distances.

What Happens at Orientation?

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Check-In at Harris Millis

    Check-In is between 8-10 AM on Day 1. Snag keys to your room, meet some fellow Catamounts, and get excited - Orientation is about to begin!

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    A Big Welcome at Ira Allen Chapel.

    The Orientation program begins promptly at 10:30am. Here you'll meet our Orientation Leaders, learn about what your Day and a Half will look like, and join your smaller Orientation groups to chat about what lies ahead.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Families Gather at University Heights.

    As students head off on their Orientation adventure, families who are participating in the Family Orientation Program begin their own journey in learning about all that UVM has to offer and what they can do to support their students.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    OLs Make it Fun.

    Orientation Leaders (We call them OLs) are upper class student leaders who are here to help you make smooth transition into UVM! They're here to help parents AND students and are excited to welcome you to the University.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    OLs Circle Up in Small Groups.

    Throughout the day you'll meet with your OLs to talk about what's coming up, go over what's already happened, and get to know some of your fellow students from your academic unit. A prime time to ask questions and maybe make a few new friends.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Vermont-themed and Locally-sourced meals under the Tent.

    Lunch, Dinner, and Brunch - all meals happen under the Orientation Tent on the CBW Green. The perfect time to decompress with new aquaintences or catch up with any attending family members while enjoying some great Vermont grub.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Meet your Academic Units.

    All UVM students are admitted into one of the seven academic units that make up our University - and they all have different course requirements. On the first day of Orientation you'll be able to listen to representatives from your academic unit and get a better idea of how your college operates.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Advisors Answer Your Questions.

    Meeting advisors from your academic unit will also give you an excellent opportunity to ask questions and better understand your college's specific course requirements - which in turn will make selecting your fall courses on Day 2 a breeze.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Hang Out at the Block Party.

    With DJs, food, photobooths, and activities galore - the Block Party in the Davis Center is the best way to decompress after a long day of listening and learning at Orientation.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Day 2 Brings Course Registration.

    You've met with your academic unit - now it's time to register for some classes. OLs and advisors from your academic unit will be on hand to chat about which courses will help you on your way in your first semester at UVM - and aid you in the process of registering for them.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Check Out Awesome On and Off-campus Resources.

    There is no shortage of resources, clubs, and organizations - both at UVM and in the surrounding area! The Resource Fair gives students and families a chance to chat with representatives from a number of UVM and Burlington-Area organizations that help students both succeed and have fun.

  • Student Orientation Check-In
    Can't Wait to Meet You!

    We're really excited to welcome you to our community - and we're working hard to make Orientation both enjoyable and informative so that your transition to live at UVM is smooth and pleasant. If you have any questions about our program, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Schedule At-A-Glance

Day 1
  • Check in between 8 and 10 a.m. at the Harris Millis Complex to receive program materials and room keys.
  • Orientation begins at 10:30 a.m.
  • Campus Bus Tours
  • University Welcome
  • Academic Unit Meeting
  • Welcome Meeting with your Orientation Leader and Student Group
  • Residential Life and University Dining Services Information Sessions
  • Campus Life and Academic Information Sessions
  • Barbecue Dinner
  • Campus Community Session
  • Evening Social Activities
Day 2
  • Coffee and Bagels
  • Academic Advising Meetings
  • Online Course Registration with Academic Advisors (by appointment)
  • Brunch and Resource Fair
  • Check Out by 3 p.m.
  • If you have any questions about UVM's Orientation Program, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (802) 656-4136 or e-mail us at

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