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June Orientation Overview

June Orientation

Orientation is your formal introduction to The University of Vermont. During our program, you will be housed in one of our residence halls and participate in group discussions, meet one-on-one with advisors, participate in workshops and presentations by professors, meet your new classmates, and register for your fall courses. You will also learn more about campus life—what UVM students do beyond the classroom, the organizations to which they belong, how they engage in the Burlington community, where they study, and what they do for fun.

You can make or change your reservations for a June Orientation session by visiting our online Reservation System and completing the reservation form. Please note that you will need your Student ID number (95#) to register for a session - this number was provided to you by admissions when you paid your acceptance fee. If you need to retrieve your Student ID number you can do so by logging into myUVM and clicking the 'Registrars' tab - or you can contact the Admissions office, however due to privacy laws this information can only be given directly to the student.

If you haven't received it already, our Orientation brochure, Checkpoints, is on it's way to you! In it you'll find detailed information about what the Orientation Program at UVM entails. This brocure will be mailed to the home addresses of all students who have paid their acceptance fee to the Admissions Office.

Attendance at Orientation is required. Exceptions will be made only in case of extreme hardship or emergency. If you will be unable to make it to a session you must contact Orientations Program Office to discuss a 'Cannot attend' waiver and your options preparing for the fall semester.

All Orientation costs for the attending student (with the exception of the Early Arrival fee for those selecting it) are covered under the acceptance fee they already paid to admissions. The only other additional costs for Orientation are from those attending the Family Orientation Program.

Program Information

  • June SessionsJune Orientation Sessions
    Each college has certain set of June Orientation sessions which you can register for. Plan ahead by checking the dates for the school you've been admitted to!
  • Program OverviewOrientation Program Overview
    Tours, Sessions, Barbeque dinner - Get the rundown of what you (and your parents, if they choose to join us) will be doing when you visit campus in June.
  • Program Overview Arrival and Check-In
    Chances are you're not super familliar with our campus quite yet. If you've got questions about where to go when you arrive, when (and where) to check-in, or even what to do if you need to arrive early - we've got some answers!
  • Family Orientation Family Orientation
    While students are learning about life at UVM, attending family members have the option of participating in our Family Orientation program to learn more about the role they'll play in their student's academic career.
  • Program Overview Disability Services and Accommodations
    Orientation is committed to welcoming all first year students and their families. If you or your family needs accommodations the University has countless services that can help you out.

Preparing to Attend

  • What to BringWhat to Bring
    You're bringing yourself, and maybe you're bringing your parents but what else will you need for Orientation?
  • Program OverviewTravel and Accommodations
    The logistics of traveling to a new place can be stressful - but Burlington is jam-packed with tons of great, accessible, and affordable travel accomidations for you and your family during your visit!

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