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Hazing Prevention & Awareness

Letter from Vice Provost, Annie Stevens

Dear UVM Student,

Be Active, Be Involved, and Be Safe!

UVM takes great pride in our active student community. We encourage you to get involved in one of the hundreds of recognized student organizations, teams, clubs, and programs that are offered. 

Being a member of a university organization or program can be one of your most meaningful experiences as a student, but it also has the potential to create an environment that places you or other members in harms way.  At the University of Vermont we believe that students should not be demeaned or exposed to harm when pursuing involvement in campus life.  To that end, we promote a campus-wide Hazing Prevention effort each year.

As student leaders and active community members, we ask that you do all you can to prevent and/or intervene  in hazing, if it occurs.  We expect all members  to report to their advisors, coaches, Police Services, or other university officials any activity that might be questionable or considered to be  hazing.

This website provides you with helpful and important information on:

  • How to identify hazing
  • How to help prevent hazing
  • How to intervene safely in hazing activity

Together we can address this national problem that exists in high schools, in colleges, and in numerous other settings.  Thank you for your interest and involvement in UVM and in helping to create a safe, healthy, vibrant campus life for all of us.

Annie Stevens
Dr. Annie Stevens
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

David Nestor
Dr. David Nestor
Dean of Students

What is Hazing?

Hazing means any act committed by a person, whether individually or in concert with others, against a student in connection with joining/pledging, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, or gaining or maintaining membership in any organization that is affiliated with the University. Learn More...

How can I Report Hazing?

The University of Vermont's number one priority is to support a healthy and safe community. Occasionally, members of our community find themselves or others in need of additional help and support. Learn how you can report a hazing and your rights when reporting. Learn More...

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