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Recruitment Tips

Be Yourself. There is nothing more important than being yourself during recruitment. Recruitment is a time to get to know the organizations and to choose the chapter that is the best fit for you. 

Evaluate each chapter carefully. Each organization has a unique culture. When choosing a fraternity or sorority, you must decide what you want from your Fraternity/Sorority experience. Ask many questions to determine which organization is the best fit for you. Join the organization where you feel most comfortable and where you feel you can grow the most. 

Visit as many chapters as you can during recruitment week. Concentrate on those organizations you are interested in and attend many recruitment events as you need to get to know each chapter. 

Dry recruitment. Alcohol is not allowed at any recruitment event or activity. UVM, IFC, and Panhellenic policies stipulate that all events and activities associated with fraternity recruitment must be alcohol free. Violation of this rule is a serious infraction and the guilty chapter is subject to severe disciplinary action. 

Ask questions. Some useful questions you might want to ask during recruitment are:

  • What types of scholarship programs are offered by your chapter? 
  • What type of leadership opportunities are there?
  • What types of community service does your fraternity or sorority take part in? 
  • What kind of social activities do you have each year?
  • How involved is your chapter with IFC/Panhellenicl, student government, and other student organizations?
  • What is the time commitment for joining your fraternity/sorority?
  • How will your fraternity/sorority help prepare me for graduation and life after college?
  • How much will joining your fraternity/sorority cost?
  • What is your new member membership education program like? What is its purpose?

Recruitment week activities. Once announced and gathered, schedules for all recruitment events will be posted on this website to assist you in planning your individual rush schedule, so check back periodically for dates. Be sure to keep an eye out for posters and flyers posted across campus, as well. 

Dress. Unless otherwise stated, there is no specific dress code for recruitment. Most potential new members dress casually.

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