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FSL Terminology

Active: a fully initiated undergraduate member of a fraternity/sorority

Alumna/Alumnae: an initiated member of a sorority who has received their undergraduate degree. Alumnae is plural.

Alumnus/Alumni: an initiated member of a fraternity who has received their undergraduate degree. Alumni is plural.

Bid: a formal invitation given by a fraternity or sorority asking a prospective member to join the chapter.

Big Brother/Big Sister: an older member assigned to assist a new member in his/her college transition.

Brother: a term used within men’s fraternities when referring to other members.

Chapter: a local collegiate membership of a  fraternal organization.

Colony: a fraternal membership which is in a trial period with their national organization and the University before becoming a chapter.

Fraternity: a Greek letter sisterhood or brotherhood.

Greek: any member of a Greek letter organization (sorority or fraternity).

Formal Recruitment: a designated membership recruitment period during which sororities hold a series of organized events. 

FSR: FSR stands for the Fraternity and Sorority Recognition document that outlines standards that UVM holds Fraternity and Sorority Life and its members to in order to maintain a positive atmosphere in the UVM and Burlington Community.

Hazing: An abusive way of treating new members that can be in the form of physical or mental abuse, humiliation, or harassment. UVM and the state of Vermont takes a strong stance against hazing as it is illegal and against the core values of the university and Fraternity and Sorority Life.

IMPACT: a conference held every two years for fraternities and sororites to set agendas for the future. Hosted by the NIC.

Informal/Open Recruitment: the unstructured recruitment process by which chapters bring in new members. Sometimes called the "rush" period

Initiation: the formal ritual ceremony that brings new members into full membership of the sorority or fraternity.

Interfraternity Council (IFC): the governing body for all of UVM's fraternities.

Legacy: a prospective member whose immediate relative(s) were in a recognized sorority or fraternity.

New Member: a woman or man who has accepted a fraternity or sorority bid, but has not been initiated.

New Member Program: the period when New Members learn about Fraternity and Sorority Life and their fraternity or sorority's history, values, and expectations.

NGLA: Northeast Greek Leadership Association.

NIC: North American Interfraternity Conference.

NPC: National Panhellenic Conference.

NPHC: National Pan-Hellenic Council. 

Panhellenic Council: The governing body for all UVM Sororities

Pillars of Excellence: Standards Fraternities and Sororities hold themselves to. The seven standards are Pillar of Values Integration,Pillar of Intellectual Development,Pillar of Citizenship and Service, Pillar of Leadership Development, Pillar of Recruitment and Retention, Pillar of Internal Affairs, and Pillar of Risk Management and Awareness.

Potential New Member: a person participating in recruitment events.

Ritual: Ritual can be big 'R' and little 'r'. Big R Ritual is the ceremonial practices that each chapter has that is unique to them and sets them apart from other organizations. Little r is the values that each chapter has and the way they live up to their organizations' Ritual in their everyday lives.

Sister: a term used within sororities when referring to other members.

Sorority: a Greek letter sisterhood.

Total: The established maximum amount of members allowed in NPC sororities. At UVM it is 70



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