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What is recruitment or "rush"?

A student interested in Fraternity and Sorority Life is encouraged to find out about all of the chapters at UVM. This process of exploration is called recruitment or "rush". Recruitment occurs during the first few weeks of fall and spring semesters. Most chapters promote year-round recruitment. Fraternities have an informal process through which a student can visit as few or as many chapters as they choose. At the end of the rush period, Fraternities and Sororities make decisions regarding who they would like to give an invitation to join. The invitation to join is known as a "bid". Bids are usually issued immediately following the rush period, but can be issued throughout the semester.

How do I know which chapter to choose?

Recruitment events give you the opportunity to discover the personalities of the nine fraternity chapters at UVM. It is up to you to decide which chapter fits your needs best. Keep the following in mind as you visit the different chapters:

-Take your time making a decision. 
-Keep an open mind, and get to know each individual fraternity. Look for qualities that are most important to you. 
-Think about how you might profit from being a member of a specific fraternity, as well as how you will contribute to it. 
-Do not let your friends' choices influence your decision. 
-Make the choice that is best for you. 

What kind of financial obligations are there?

Dues vary according to chapters. Most chapters charge a new member fee to cover the cost of your new member period. Upon your activation into the chapter, you are charged an initiation fee. Finally, as an active brother, you are charged brotherhood dues. These finances are billed to your either per semester or annually. Please feel free to inquire about each chapter's financial obligations during recruitment.

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