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Campus Programs

Located in the Department of Student Life, the Campus Programs office strives to bring entertaining, diverse and educational events to the UVM campus. Campus Programs produces Week of Welcome, Heritage Months, WinterBlitz, Catamount Classes, and a wide variety of other entertainment for on and off campus students. The UVM Program Board (UPB) is a team of students who provide quality programming for their peers.

Some of our past activities include comedians like Jon Stewart (of the Daily Show), Mike Birbiglia, Wanda Sykes, Dane Cook, Margaret Cho, and Dave Chappelle; concerts such as the Easy Star Allstars, Ratatat, Mac Miller, Cake, The Roots, and Gavin DeGraw; many free movie nights; and special events such as Casino Nights, Night Skiing, DC Delirium, BBQs at the lake and many more. The staff of Campus Programs provides valuable assistance to students in their programming ventures as well as quality late night programming for the entire campus through the UVM Program Board.

The UVM Program Board (UPB) is a student-lead programming organization at the University of Vermont, supported by the Department of Student Life's Campus Programs.

Program Board's purpose is to develop and produce consistent campus programs of high quality to satisfy and reflect the diverse interests and social needs of the student body. UPB strives to build and strengthen the campus community through its programs by entertaining and educating students. UPB sponsors Cats at the Movies, a Thursday Night Comedy Series, a Wednesday night PubQuiz, a monthly International Film & Food, as well as numerous other dance parties, lectures and fun events!

More information is available at the UVM Program Board website.

Campus Programs Staff

Nicole Potestivo

Assistant Director
Campus Programs

Madelaine White

Coordinator of Campus Programs

Sawyer Cook

Graduate Assistant - Campus Programs

Interested in performing on campus?

Shoot us an e-mail at Phone solicitations are not accepted.

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