The Electronic Classroom Checklist

Munday, Stardate 1995.03.13 17:21

A work in progress

This checklist is intended to help organize the components of an Electronic Classroom.

Trivial to implement

Marshall McLuhan's observerd that the first content of any new media is the old media. That's because it not only an obvious place to begin, it's because it's also the easiest. Technology is easier to tamper with than content. So get out your old course handouts and cut and paste them into web documents.

The next refinement of this level would be to add new content. E.g.

But there is no reason to do this alone. Some of these are things your students in the course could do for the course.

Easy to implement

Collaborative projects start out with the work that students are doing for the course already, and turn it towards electronic media. Some students may be doing parts of this on their own already, so you may be playing catch up. Turning class projects into "real world" projects on the web is a great way to raise the level of the course work a notch.

Moderate work

The electronic seminar. The next big bump is integrating these last two into a course as a whole. How do we get to the big picture.

Real work

The electronic research laboratory -- where the course is not seen as a separate entity but is totally integrated into ongoing research.

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