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NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program

What is NUFP?

The NASPA Undergraduate Fellows program is a semi-structured mentoring program for undergraduate students wishing to explore and better understand the field of student affairs and/or higher education. At the University of Vermont, NUFP is a campus-based experience designed to provide Fellows with a broad understanding of higher education in general and the student affairs profession in particular in order to entertain a career in student affairs. Each individual Fellow, in consultation with his or her Mentor, selects experiences that will promote such understanding.

Some Topics of Discussion will include:

  • Current Issues in Higher Education
  • Social Justice
  • Professional Development Skills
  • The Graduate School Experience

Who Can Apply?

To be considered for admission to the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program, each applicant must meet the requirements listed below.

  • University of Vermont sophomore entering junior year
  • Identify as a member of a traditionally underrepresented or historically disenfranchised student population, including, but not limited to Black/African American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino(a), Indigenous (Native American, Alaskan, Hawaiian), Multiethnic, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or as having a disability; and
  • Have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application. 

Goals of UVM NUFP Program

To provide enhancement of skill sets associated with NUFP and NASPA.

  • Writing, research and Presentation skills
  • Ethical decision making skills
  • Cultural Competency Skills
  • Power and Privilege

To provide an experience in Student Affairs

  • Mentor relationships
  • Understanding the history, mission, purpose, institutions and structures.
  • Goal setting and Evaluation
  • Literature about student affairs
  • Campus-based experiences?

To provide an opportunity for Professional development:

  • Network Opportunities
  • Attending conferences
  • SLI, student internships and Workshops
  • Explore career opportunities and graduate programs post graduation

Application Process

Students who meet the above requirements will need to complete and submit the University of Vermont Application to Nicholas Negrete at by April 8th, 2013.

After interviews, selected students will be offered the opportunity to apply nationally. Students will select a Mentor and continue in the national application process. Assistant Dean of Students Nick Negrete will notify students of their acceptance into the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program.

For more information please contact Assistant Dean Nick Negrete.

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