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Health and Safety

C.A.R.E. Form

The University of Vermont's number one priority is to support a healthy and safe community. Occasionally, members of our community find themselves or others in need of additional help and support. If you are concerned about a UVM community member or are concerned about a specific event, we encourage you to contact the Dean of Students Office (802-656-3380). If you would like to remain anonymous, you can report your concerns using the Concerning And /or Risky Event (CARE) form below.

In the event of an emergency, please call Police Services immediately at 9-1-1 or 802-656-3473.

Type of Issue you are Concerned About:

Acts of Bias
Alcohol and Drugs
Relationship Violence (stalking, sexual assault, abuse etc)
Grief or Trauma
Mental Health Concerns
Possible Self-Harm (cutting, suicide attempts, eating disorders, etc)
Threatening Behavior (stalking, threats, harassment, assault etc)

Include details of behaviors/actions you've observed or know about:

While we don't require your name, in responding to these cases it is often very helpful to have the identity of the individual making the referral so we can follow-up most appropriately and make sure you are also supported.

Your Identity is revealed only with your consent. The Dean of Students Office cannot trace your e-mail's origin.

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