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Division of Student Affairs
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Dean of Students Staff

Vice Provost & Dean of Students Office Staff

  • Annie Stevens

    Annie Stevens, Ph.D.

    Vice Provost for Student Affairs
    • Responsibile for the leadership, management, strategic direction, policy development, and administrative oversight of the Division of Student Affairs.
    • Contact:
  • David Nestor

    David Nestor, Ph.D.

    Dean of Students
    • Shares responsibility for overseeing strategic planning and administrative leadership for the division
    • Provides supervision for 4 departments and Dean of Students office staff.
    • Provides primary leadership for student conduct issues and policies.
    • Contact:
  • Dennis DePaul

    Dennis DePaul

    Assistant Dean for Business Operations
    • Responsible for all finance, budgeting, and human resource management for the division.
    • Coordinates divisional business manager team.
    • Oversees all contractual relationships, including Dining Services.
    • Contact:
  • Jilliene Johnson

    Jilliene Johnson

    Assistant Dean for Policy and Climate
    • Oversees student conduct policies, and serves as appellate officer for all student conduct matters
    • Responsible for division’s diversity initiatives (e.g., staff development, assessment),
    • Coordinates Divisional Diversity Council
    • Contact:
  • Nocholas Efren Negrete

    Nicholas Efren Negrete

    Assistant Dean for Retention
    • Responsible for supporting student retention
    • Communicates with parents and family members when students need additional support 
    • Partners with academic and administrative units to educate faculty and staff about barriers to students’ success 
    • Oversees campus’s behavioral intervention team (CARE team),  and coordinates threat assessment response teams
  • Patience Whitworth

    Patience E. Whitworth, Ph.D.

    Assistant Dean for Assessment, Student Learning, and Technology
    • Responsible for all assessment and strategic planning activities for the division (Results based Accountability model).
    • Oversees technology resources and needs for the division.
    • Coordinates the division’s technology team.
    • Oversees the selection and retention of the Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate assistants employed throughout campus.
    • Contact:
  • Allison Smith

    Cheryl Lancaster

    Assistant to the Vice Provost
    • Responsible for directly assisting the Vice Provost and Dean of Students
    • Oversees the Dean of Students office reception, staff scheduling, and logistical matters
    • Coordinates major divisional events
    • Contact:
  • Ertan Barucic

    Ertan E Barucic

    Financial Assistant
    • Responsible for overseeing Dean of Students office financial transactions
    • Assists with all dining services fixtures, furniture, and equipment replacement
    • Coordinates facility needs for Nicholson House
    • Contact:

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