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Our Commitment to Diversity

Our Commitment to Diversity

The Division of Student Affairs deeply values diversity and fostering the multicultural competency of our staff and the students with whom we work. We strive to live these values through our conduct, our words, and our expectations of each other. This commitment is necessary to create a safe, healthy, and productive community for all members of our community.

Celebrating our accomplishments

Our division’s engagement with becoming a more diverse, inclusive, and multiculturally competent division has been sustained for more than a decade. Recently we were nationally recognized for our efforts.

Our Commitment to Professional Staff Development

Diversity and multicultural competency professional development are critical components to our division’s organizational culture. For staff in our division, diversity professional development can occur at the divisional level (e.g., Diversity Professional Development Series, Diversity Library), the departmental level (e.g., staff meetings, retreats, programs), and the individual level (e.g., attending events and programs, presenting at conferences).  

Throughout the years, many of our staff have attended, facilitated, or presented diversity-related programs at the following:

  1. Social Justice Training Institute 
  2. National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education
  3. Next Step Social Justice Retreat
  4. Translating Identity Conference
  5. ACPA College Student Educators International Annual Convention
  6. NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education Annual Conference

Our Commitment to Student Learning

We remain committed to advancing our diversity efforts within the larger University but especially in the departments that influence campus programs and student experiences. Below are just a few examples of the ways in which we support student learning related to diversity and multicultural competency.

  1. Incorporate Restorative Practices within the division
  2. Participate in the National NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program   
  3. Coordinate and help facilitate the Next Step Social Justice Retreat
  4. Provide programs, advising, and training for student leaders and groups
  5. Offer an Intergroup Dialogue course

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