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Since you asked, my name is Robert Carl Ullrich.

Most people call me, "Bob".

I work at The University of Vermont.

You can also find me at my department within the University, The Department of Botany and Agricultural Biochemistry. You may be interested in various facts of my academic career:


So you wanted to learn about SEX! You're in luck! That is what we research in my laboratory. Sex in fungi, the fungi that form mushrooms. "'GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT!' you say"; "'Au contraire,' I say."

Fruiting bodies, i.e., mushrooms, of Schizophyllum commune aka Schizo!

Below is a figure that depicts the molecules coded for by the sex genes in Schizophyllum.

Working model for regulation of sexual development in Schizophyllum commune. See animations for detailed description.

A-alpha 3 cell with mating-type proteins Z3 and Y3 unable to activate expression from target developmental gene. An A-alpha 4 cell with mating-type proteins Z4 and Y4 would, likewise, be unable to activate expression from target developmental gene.

A-alpha 3/A-alpha 4 cell with mating-type proteins Z3, Z4, Y3 and Y4. Z3/Y4 and Z4/Y3 complexes are believed to form, bind to DNA and activate expression of the target gene. Wavy line represents transcript from target developmental gene.

Mycologists having fun! A considerable amount of the gray matter associated with fungal genetics in N. America gets lost if this raft goes down.

Fungal geneticists at work:

Bob and collaborator, Charles Novotny, examining the results from an electrophoretic gel.

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