Statistics & Biostatistics Journal Club


Approximately once a month students and faculty members in the Statistics and Biostatistics program meet to discuss a journal article over pizza. We usually meet in the basement of the Mansfield House or the Math/Stat conference room, so check the location below as it changes from time to time. The pizza should arrive around the time indicated and the discussion of the article will begin 15-20 minutes later.

One student volunteers to lead the discussion and everyone is invited to join in a lively discussion of the article. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience presenting material in an informal group setting. Part of the presenter's challenge, however, is to keep the discussion from getting too lively and tangential.

Articles are chosen from a variety of fields covering topics in epidemiology, statistical genetics, clinical trials, statistical methodology, and applied statistics. If you would like to suggest an article that is of particular interest or volunteer to lead a Journal Club discussion, please send an email to Mun Son with the subject "Journal Club".

Other Resources:

* The Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia is a good resource for medical terms that may not be familiar.

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