THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT: Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate
Level I Program Review Checklist

APR Cycle #: ______  Academic Program Under Review:
School/College:        Date
   (Name of Unit)      (Semester and Year)

Notification sent for self-study report due one year hence: _______ (Target Dates: 5/15, 10/15)           (Date)

Guidelines for self-study sent to program: _______ (Target Dates: 1/1 for Oct, 9/1 for May)

Call to nominate external evaluators: __________ (Target Dates: 3/15 for May; 8/15 for Oct.)

Outside evaluators selected: __________ (Target Dates: 3/15-4/1 for May; 9/1-9/15 for Oct.)

Self-study report received:     (Deadlines: 5/15, 10/15)

Self-study report sent to outside evaluator, CAC chairs: __________ (Target Dates: 5/15; 10/15)

Call for nominations for ý4th (UVM) personţ: ________ (Deadlines: 8/15 for May, 12/15 for Oct.)

External evaluatorÝs report received: __________ (Deadlines: 1/15 for Oct.; 9/1 for May)

External evaluatorÝs report sent to program    and deans: __________ upon receipt.

CAC subcommittee charged   (Deadlines: 1/15 for Oct.; 9/1 for May)

Subcomm. may request further information    (Target Dates: 2/15 for Oct., 10/1 for May)

Subcomm. meets with program faculty     (Target Dates: 2/15-3/1, 10/1-10-15)

Subcomm. meets with deans (optional)     (Target Dates: 2/15-3/1, 10/1-10-15)

Final Report of the Review Subcommittee Report submitted to the Curricular Affairs Committee: __________ (Deadlines: 4/1 for Oct.; 11/15 for May)

Report of CAC sent to program, Provost, Deans: _______ (Due Dates: 5/1 for Oct.; 12/15 for May)

Report of CAC sent to College Curriculum Committee

Provost informs CAC and Program of review outcome:   (Target Dates: 8/15; 3/15)