Robert H. Rodgers

Professor of Classics, The University of Vermont

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A.B. 1966, Ph.D. 1970, Harvard University


University of Vermont, Professor of Classics, 1991--; Associate Professor, 1990-91; Visiting Professor, 1981-90; Adjunct Professor, 1979-81
University of Michigan, Visiting Professor, Spring 1986
University of California, Berkeley, Visiting Associate Professor, Spring 1985
Harvard University, Visiting Lecturer, Fall 1980
University of California, Berkeley, Associate professor, 1975-80; Assistant Professor, 1970-75
Harvard University, Teaching Fellow, 1968-70
University College London, Assistant Lecturer, 1967-68

Awards and Fellowships

Dean's Lecture, UVM College of Arts & Sciences, Fall 2001
Univ. of Vermont, UCRS research grant, 1997
Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship in Byzantine Studies, 1996
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, 1986-87
American Philosophical Society, grants-in-aid, 1979 and 1995
American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 1976-77
Univ. of California, Humanities Research Fellowship, 1976-77
Fondation Hardt (Geneva), séjours d'étude 1968 and 1973
Phi Beta Kappa, 1966

Selected Publications


Frontinus De aquaeductu urbis Romae. Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries. Cambridge: University Press, in publication (anticipated appearance autumn 2003)

Middlesex County in the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Records of Probate and Administration, Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society
     [Vol. 1] October 1649-December 1660 (1999)
     [Vol. 2] March 1660/61-December 1670 (2001)
     [Vol. 3] March 1670/71-December 1675 (in preparation)

New Haven in Vermont, 1761-1983. Town of New Haven, 1984.

An Introduction to Palladius. Univ. of London, Inst. of Classical Studies, Bulletin Supplement 35. London 1975

Palladius Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus Opus agriculturae, De veterinaria medicina, De insitione. Leipzig: Teubner, 1975

Petri Diaconi Ortus et vita iustorum cenobii Casinensis, edited from the autograph manuscript and with a commentary. Univ. of California Publications: Classical Studies, vol. 10. Berkeley 1972


"Kêpopoiïa: Garden-Making and Garden Culture in the Greek Geoponica," in Byzantine Garden Culture, ed. A. Littlewood et al. (Washington, 2002), 159-175
"The Black Population of Chittenden County Identified in Federal Census Returns, 1791-1860," Vermont Genealogy 5 (2000) 1-22
"Sidestepping the Long Shadow of Frontinus," Journal of Roman Archaeology 9 (1996), 395-408
"Quique sui memores alios fecere merendo: The Roman Reward for Public Service," New England Classical Newsletter & Journal 19/4 (1992), 24-27
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