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Spanish Language Placement Test Instructions

All students enrolling in Spanish for the first time at UVM must take the Spanish placement test. The test should be taken within 90 days of registering for class. If you are disenrolled, please see the section below on disenrollment.


Click on this link to take the test:
Password: catamounts1

The exam will take approximately 30 minutes.

Your placement score:

At the end of the test your results will appear on-screen along with your placement. WRITE DOWN YOUR PLACEMENT AND ENROLL IN THE LEVEL IN WHICH YOU PLACE. This information will also be recorded by the UVM course registration system to cross-check with your course registration.

If you need to see your results again you should log in to the exam, fill in the top part of the survey as you did when you took the exam, and then press the resume button. (This process works if the exam is interrupted, as long as at least one question has been answered).

If you do not believe the test score accurately reflects your abilities, please contact the Department of Romance Languages and Linguistics.

If you are disenrolled:

If you do not take the placement test, do not fill in your correct UVM student ID number (95 number) when asked, or do not enroll in the course level corresponding to your placement score, the UVM registration system will disenroll you from the course. If you are disenrolled, follow the instructions for the placement test above and re-enroll at the appropriate level.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.




Below 225

Spanish 001

226- 300

Spanish 002

301 - 370

Spanish 051

371 - 440


Above 440

Spanish 100 level or above *

* For students scoring above 470, those considering a major/minor in Spanish are recommended to enroll in SPAN 101. Other options are SPAN 105 or SPAN 109. Students with superior preparation may qualify for higher-numbered courses with permission of instructor.

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