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FRENCH: Our program in French combines language study at all levels, with coursework in French and Francophone literature and cultural studies. Our students benefit from our location less than an hour from French-speaking Québec, offering easy access to Montréal (the second-largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris) and to French-language radio and television directly from Québec. Our Maison Française and events building on Vermont's French-Canadian heritage give students opportunities to put learning into practice and to make contacts that can further their studies, travel, or career. French at UVM also prepares students for the French-speaking world overseas, through one of UVM's many exchange programs sites available in France and other French-speaking nations around the world.

ITALIAN: Many of those who study Italian at UVM are drawn to the Italian language as a means of immersing themselves in Italy’s rich cultural heritage or as preparation for an international career, while others also look forward to learning more about an important component of their own family history. In addition to language courses at all levels, our students can choose from an array of courses in Italian and in English on spanning literature, culture, history, and art, and can participate in semester- or year-long study abroad through one of UVM's six exchange partner universities in Italy. Many students find their advanced work in Italian to be an excellent counterpart to their studies in history, film, art history, music, and all fields of artistic endeavor that we so often associate with Italy.

LINGUISTICS: Linguistics is the study of language: its structure and how it is used on a day-to-day basis. Students in our Linguistics program have access to an interdisciplinary array of courses, studying with professors who specialize in a range of language topics, including formal grammar, language and culture, language acquisition, cognition, bilingualism, as well as others. Since most fields require a working knowledge of language in oral and written communication, a major or minor in Linguistics offers an excellent combination with many other majors and minors at UVM.

PORTUGUESE: UVM's new Portuguese program, inaugurated in Fall 2009, welcomes students interested in exploring the language and cultures of Brazil, Portugal, and other Portuguese-speaking nations. Study of Portuguese provides excellent complement for majors such as Latin-American/Caribbean Studies, European Studies, African Studies, and Global Studies, as well as preparing students interested in careers such as international business, environmental studies, and more. UVM's two exchange programs in Brazil provide the opportunity to participate in the life-enriching experience of a semester or year abroad in the world's largest Portuguese-speaking nation after just 2 semesters of Portuguese study.

SPANISH: All indicators show that in coming years Spanish-speaking peoples and cultures will become more important than ever to all aspects of life in this country. Our program in Spanish combines language study at all levels, with coursework in Spanish, Latin-American, and U.S. Latino(a) literature and cultural studies. Many of our students study abroad for a semester or year through one of UVM's many exchange program sites in Spain or Latin American, while others participate in our 1-2 week travel-study programs abroad, including our annual Spring Break program in the Dominican Republic. Weekly tertulias for Spanish conversation, our annual Hispanic Forum, and events sponsored by the Latin community in Burlington give students opportunities to put learning into practice and to make contacts that can further their studies, travel, or career.

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