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... you are a major or minor in one of our programs,
... or are thinking about studying abroad in a country where one of the languages we teach is spoken,
... or have questions about the placement test,
... or just want to learn more about our programs and student opportunities,
... we are here to answer your questions!

Academic Advising:

To see who your advisor is, log into the myUVM portal. If you are planning to meet with your advisor, it is best to double check the portal, as advisor assignments can change based on leaves and sabbaticals. You can also email your advisor directly from this page. If you are majoring or minoring in one of our programs but don't have an assigned advisor, contact our department at to be assigned an academic advisor in that program. All UVM students should have an academic advisor in their major, but you may on request have a secondary advisor in your minor or 2nd major where you are a double major.

Íf you would like to see a list of faculty office hours, please click this link: Faculty Office Hours

Study Abroad Advising:

If you are planning to take one or more of our languages while on study abroad, the transfer advisor for that language can help you select your classes and evaluate how they will transfer back to UVM.

Since there are many students that inquire about transfer credits, the queue can be quite long for credit evaluations and assessments. Please expect a two-week waiting period for any transfer credit correspondence.

Language Placement Advising:

For French or Spanish, you must take the online language placement test and enroll in the course level recommended. The test must be taken within 4 months of enrolling in your first Spanish or French course at UVM. Anyone enrolling without taking the test, or enrolling below the recommended course level, will be disenrolled by the registration system and asked to take the test prior to course sign-up. UVM's placement test is the most widely used in the country, and typically provides accurate placement; however, if you believe you were placed improperly, speak with your instructor. If the instructor believes you should be placed at a different level, s/he can authorize a level change.

If you're planning to take Italian: Most students who study Italian at UVM begin their study of the language here by enrolling in our elementary (001) level course. If you arrive at UVM with prior knowledge of the language, please consult with one of our language instructors to assist you with choosing the right course.

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