University of Vermont

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Department of Romance Languages and Linguistics


Romance Languages and Linguistics Wait List Policy

If you wish to enroll in a class that is at maximum capacity, please email the department at

Please include your name, either your student number or netid, and the course number, the section letter, i.e. FREN 001 A.

How the wait list works:

Once you have emailed the department at the above email address, your name will be added to the appropriate wait list. The wait list will not become active until the first day of class. Between the registration period and the first day of classes, if you see an opening in the class in which you wish to enroll, register for it and notify the department that you have registered for the class and can be removed from the wait list. If you are on a wait list you must attend the first day of class or you will forfeit your place on the list.

If you have a question regarding wait lists, please contact us.

Last modified November 14 2014 04:14 PM