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Returning from Study Abroad and Credit Transfer

Welcome back! Here is how to proceed if you are returning from study abroad and need to have your materials reviewed so that your credits can be transferred. 

Step 1:  Assemble your course materials so that one can easily understand which course materials relate to which course.  Do not hesitate to add notes of explanation if necessary.

Step 2: Get the "blue form" from Transfer Affairs, 3rd floor Waterman. 

Step 3: Deliver the course materials to main office of Romance Languages and Linguistics (517 Waterman) or to the office/mailbox of the transfer-credit coordinator for your particular language (French, Italian, Spanish).  The transfer-credit coordinator will get in touch with you by email if s/he has anything questions about your materials.  These reviews are generally routine procedures that do not require a face-to-face meeting.

Current Coordinators:

French: Professor Gretchen van Slyke

Italian: Professor Cristina Mazzoni

Spanish:Professor Ignacio López-Vicuña


Last modified July 09 2014 12:30 PM