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Faculty - Martín Oyata


Martín Oyata, Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D. Cornell University
  • M.A. Cornell University
  • C.V.
Area of expertise

Twentieth-Century Spanish American prose fiction and essay, theory of literature, sociology of literature, intellectual history, group affiliations and social ties, nationalism, indigenism, political culture, and the role of intellectuals in Latin America.

Contact Information
Email: Martín Oyata
Office: 510 Waterman

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My research and teaching interests revolve primarily around issues of nationhood, culture, collectivity, and the history of ideas in Latin America (especially the Andes). I am currently working on a book-length study about one of Peru’s foremost literary figures of the twentieth century, the novelist and anthropologist José María Arguedas. Bringing together his literary and ethnographic writings, I examine how his poetics—characterized by an intense belief in nature’s correspondence to the human mind—heralded a new vision of collective belonging based on the notion of an Andean culture, that is, a conceptual space fully differentiated from the categories of race and class. This project reflects my larger interest in the various forms of collective consciousness and their acquisition, ranging from regionalism and nationalism to Latin-Americanism and Pan-Americanism (more broadly, any form of creating the sense of a “we”).

As well as introductory courses on Spanish American literature and advanced writing and conversation, I have taught courses on the coming-of-age novel, crime fiction, the Latin American left, Latin American views of the United States, and the pre-Columbian past as an enduring (and oftentimes troubling) source of political inspiration in the region.