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Department of Romance Languages and Linguistics

Faculty - Ching Selao


Ching Selao, Associate Professor of French

  • Ph.D. University of Montreal
  • C.V.
Fields of Study

Francophone and Quebec literatures.

Contact Information
Email: Ching Selao
Office: 513 Waterman

On sabbatical 2015-2016

Ching Selao arrived at UVM in 2009 after a postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University, and a Ph.D. at the University of Montreal specializing in Francophone literatures. In addition to a book published by the University of Montreal Press (Le roman vietnamien francophone. Orientalisme, occidentalisme et hybridité, 2011), and a co-edited volume published in Lyon, France, by ENS Éditions (with Lise Gauvin, Cécile Van Den Avenne and Véronique Corinus, Littératures francophones. Parodies, pastiches, réécritures, 2013), her articles have appeared in academic journals such as Voix et Images, Tangence, Études françaises, Canadian Literature, L’Esprit créateur, and Présence francophone. She is currently working on a special issue for Études françaises on father figures in Francophone literatures. Her second book project, tentatively titled La réception des écrits d’Aimé Césaire et de Frantz Fanon au Québec. De Gaston Miron à Dany Laferrière, focuses on the influence of Césaire and Fanon’s work on Quebec literature, as well as on the interactions between Quebec and other regions of francophonie. She is also a regular contributor – although now not as much as she would want to – for the Montreal cultural and literary magazine Spirale.