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What Our Graduates Are Doing with Their Romance Languages & Linguistics Degrees

Maria Rodriguez-McKey, Class of 1983, French Major, holds a J.D. and a Master’s in Russian Law from the Institute of State and Law in Moscow, as well as a post-graduate degree on elections at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She is currently a researcher at the Center for Comparative Studies on Elections at the Sorbonne.  With Bernard Owen, she is the co-author of Proportional Western Europe: The Failure of Governance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

Tricia Dowhan, Class of 1987, French Major, lives in Florence, Italy. For nearly twenty years, she has been working for a company offering several types of active travel experiences throughout the globe, and is now part of the senior management team. She loves walking in the footsteps of the Romans and Etruscans (of late!) and feels fortunate to have found a profession that allows her to use French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and even a bit of Arabic.

Charlotte Sector, Class of 1993, European Studies Major, with many classes in French and Spanish at UVM. After taking a graduate degree at the Columbia Journalism School, she worked at CNN for several years and then moved to Paris and joined a multi-national team to launch France 24 - a 24-hour international news channel that broadcasts in French, English and Arabic.

Marcus Grace, Class of 1994, French Major, lived and worked in France for five years, first as a research and development assistant, then as an English instructor in private industry, teaching everyone from assembly-line workers to top managers, and also leading evening classes open to the public. After moving back to Vermont, he has been teaching French in middle school and high school near Waterbury.

Kerry Violet Stanley, Class of 1997, Double Major in French and Canadian Studies, went from UVM to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon. Her role in the Peace Corps was to teach English to Francophone students in an AIDS prevention program. Upon her return to the US, she began working with individuals infected with HIV, which led to a Master's of Social Work and then work in hospitals with cancer patients needing psychosocial and logistical support. She assists patients in their native French language when need be and facilitates communication for individuals of many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Without French, her experience at UVM and in the Peace Corps, she reports that she would not be where she is today in a rewarding and challenging career.

Jessica Barrett, Class of 2005, English Major & many Italian classes, enrolled in a dual degree program at the University of Virginia, pursuing the Master of Arts and Ph.D. in English Literature. She is currently writing a dissertation on authentic encounter in poems by John Keats, John Clare, and William Wordsworth. She teaches literature and writing to UVA undergraduates and to medical school aspirants from across the globe through the Summer Medical Education Program. She expects to earn the Ph.D. in May 2014 and to continue the life of a teacher and writer throughout her life.

Greg Lombardi, Class of 2006, Double Major in Spanish and Finance, has been working in the challenging realm of finance in New York, Chile, Burlington and Denver. He is now eager to try his hand at some creative, web-related business pursuits. He reports that his Spanish major strengthened him as an individual and gave him new perspectives on the world that have proved necessary in his career.

Timothy Wilson, Class of 2006, Double Major in French Major and Jazz Studies, is completing his Ph.D. in French at CUNY's Graduate Center. In addition to teaching, he has presented papers at professional conferences, begun to publish in the field of cultural and media studies and is exploring nonprofit fundraising as a museum intern. He plans to pursue career options in academia and nonprofit organizations for the arts and human rights.

Megan Kiernan, Class of 2006, Double Major in French and English, Minor in History, first taught English at a prep school in Massachusetts for two years and then in France for a year.  She subsequently joined AmeriCorps, working with senior citizens and running programs of her own creation to better their health in body and mind. During this year with AmeriCorps she discovered her vocation for counseling and returned to UVM for a Master's of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Now she works as a substance abuse counselor with local halfway houses and correctional facilities, a job that continues to challenge, surprise and inspire her.

Isaac Forman, Class of 2006, Double Major in French and Political Science, spent a year after graduation in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he taught English as a second language, easily picking up Spanish along the way thanks to a firm foundation in French acquired at UVM. After his return to the States, he went to Columbia Law School and subsequently served as a law clerk to federal judges at the trial and appellate levels. Now he is an associate in a law firm in his home state of West Virginia.

Meghan Kelley, Class of 2006, Double Major in Spanish and Education, after completing graduate work in Madrid as well as at UVM, taught in area schools and then started the Spanish program in which she continues teaching. She was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Vermont Foreign Language Association.

Annie Houston, Class of 2006, Double Major in Italian Studies and French, spent two years teaching English as a second language in Europe, first in Italy, then in France. Upon her return to the US, she completed a graduate degree in Arts Administration (MBA for non-profit cultural organization management) at Boston University. Since then she has been working at the Massachusetts Cultural Council, MA's state arts agency dedicated to supporting diversity, excellence, access and education in the arts, interpretive sciences, and humanities.  She loves being immersed in the cultural policy world. She is also delighted to have returned to the ESL classroom, teaching two nights a week in a community school outside of Boston. 

Benjamin Eldredge, Class of 2006, Double Major in Italian Studies and Latin, has been continuing his education as a Ph.D. candidate in Italian Renaissance Art History at Rutgers. Specializing in the art and architecture of sixteenth-century Genoa and its relations to Rome, Florence, Spain, and the Holy Roman Empire, his research depends on his ability to read and interpret documents in Italian from the fourteenth through the twenty-first centuries. Between 2012 and 2014 he is living and working in Rome as a recipient of a fellowship at the Bibliotheca Hertziana—Max Planck Institute for Art History.

Jonathan Bowley, Class of 2007, French Major and Spanish Minor, attended Middlebury College French School Abroad where he obtained his Master's degree after graduating from UVM. While living abroad, he taught English to students at Epitech University and attended classes both at Middlebury's Centre Madeleine and the Sorbonne Nouvelle. Upon graduating from Middlebury, he resettled in Burlington, VT where he is now the associate director of health information technology and corporate compliance officer at The Community Health Centers of Burlington. Jonathan continues to employ the foreign language skills he learned at UVM not only for reading foreign news articles and novels, but also when helping refugees resettled into the Burlington area from francophone and Spanish-speaking countries. Jonathan is currently pursuing a second degree in Information Technology with a Software Emphasis.

Liz Glatfelter, Class of 2007, Spanish Minor, started on her career in international development and human rights as a direct result of a UVM-led study abroad experience in Oaxaca, Mexico. Five months in Spain teaching English and volunteering on a farm allowed her to apply and internalize what she learned in her Spanish classes. After earning a Master's in International Affairs at the New School in New York and lending a hand to various humanitarian projects in Argentina and Southeast Asia, she is now committed heart and soul to her work with Doctors Without Borders in the areas of maternal health and refugee support.

Emma Sector, Class of 2008, Double Major in Global Studies and English, became an intern in a publishing house soon after graduation. This opportunity led directly to a career that she greatly enjoys. Now she works as a marketing assistant in the children's division of a major New York publishing house and is delighted to be able to talk about books all day long.

Laura Siebecker, Class of 2008, Double Major in French and Political Science, completed a Ph.D. in Theoretical Linguistics at Georgetown University.  While at Georgetown, she conducted research on first and second language acquisition, presented at conferences, and taught the undergraduate Introduction to Linguistics course.

Alexander Peartree, Class of 2010, Italian Studies major, worked for wineries in the Finger Lakes region of New York after graduating. From there he moved to the greater New York City area for a position at Wine Enthusiast Magazine. His job in the tasting department often requires him to taste up to 60 wines a day! Writing for the magazine has become a recent endeavor, and requires him to be current and knowledgeable of the latest beverage trends - a task he is more than willing to take on.

Raymond Ky, Class of 2010, Double Major in Spanish and Psychology, spent two years after graduation as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English to 7th and 8th graders in the Philippines. Now he is completing a graduate degree in Spanish Education.

Meg Salocks, Class of 2010, French Major and European Studies Minor, was inspired by her studies abroad in France to go into the museum and arts industry. She spent two years volunteering and interning at art institutions in Vermont and California before pursuing a graduate degree. In 2014 she received her Masters degree in Arts Administration at Columbia University and now works at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, working between the museum's American Food History Project and Jazz programs. She is passionate about collaboration between all the arts and seeks to continue to expand her knowledge and experience in museum work and healthy community arts networks.

Amanda Fox, Class of 2010, Major in Global Studies and Political Science, Spanish Minor, has taken on a variety of jobs since graduation: as an Americorps creator of environmentally friendly activities for children and adolescents, as a para-educator for a girl with Down syndrome, as an instructor at the Green Mountain Audubon Center, as a farmyard educator at Shelburne Farms. This has helped her apply what she learned in Global Studies about making connections. Now she is an Eco-Cycle educator in Boulder CO, teaching children about recycling, waste reduction, litter prevention, energy awareness and helping their schools to become producers of zero waste.

Matthew Casserly, Class of 2010, French Major and German Minor, worked for a year in Colchester with Nokian Tyres, a Finnish environmentally friendly premium tire brand, dealing mainly with francophone customers in Quebec and the Maritime Provinces. He then returned to university for an MBA at Cardiff University. The following summer, he wrote his Masters’ thesis while working at Nokian Tyres' main headquarters in the city of Nokia, Finland. Having spent two months in a Russian language intensive in Kiev, Ukraine, Matthew fulfilled a dream and moved to Moscow, where he continues to study Russian. Having spent a year teaching Business English, he is now looking to start a career in consulting. As for his life in Russia, he says, “the longer I live here, the more deeply I want to stay.”

Molly Kelly-Yahner, Class of 2011, Double Major in Latin American Studies and Political Science, Spanish Minor, works as a policy analyst at a small, yet well-known lobbying firm in Washington, D.C.  There she focuses on such issues as energy, space, cyber-security, housing finance, and immigration, in addition to leading research projects on current legislative and regulatory matters.

Adna Karabegovic, Class of 2011, Major in Community Development and Applied Economics and French Minor,has worked as the Marketing Manager for the Church Street Marketplace Business Improvement District since graduation. She is involved in a number of French welcoming programs, designed the "Bienvenue Quebecois" window clings as well as helped shape the initial French Welcome tent on Church Street. Due to her bilingualism, she was able to attend work-related conferences in Quebec and meetings with members from Church Street's twin downtown, Drummondville, QC. Additionally, she is a member of the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce's Executive Tourism Committee and has been invited to attend meetings in Québec. French also allowed her to spend several weeks in Alsace as part of Rotary International's Group Study Exchange Program.

Caitlin Clarke, Class of 2012, Double Major in French and English, Minor in Political Science, studied in Chambery for a semester as an undergraduate and then returned there as an English instructor for a year after graduation. Back in the US, she looked for jobs that would allow her to use her French. She now works for Microsoft, helping to draw up proposals that sales teams market to their clients. Her language skills were essential to her hiring. Microsoft wanted a French speaker who could work with their French account teams and also do research on French companies for account teams that do not know the language.

Ryan Peterson, Class of 2012, Major in French, Double Minor in German and Political Science, spent his post-graduation year in Germany on Fulbright Grant. After his return to the US, he has been working in New York with an events management company, helping non-profit organizations find sponsors and planning their galas. Since graduating from UVM, he has had to speak French frequently, both in Germany and New York, where he has a French boss and must often use the language with his company's clients. 

Kelsey Hammond, Class of 2013, French Major, began work at the Howard Center, a Burlington-based center for human services, in the service area of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. She is a Residential Counselor at one of several residential communities for people with severe mental illnesses. In addition to working at the Howard Center, she has been doing English-to-French translations for the wood stove producer Hearthstone. She will be attending the UVM College of Medicine in fall 2014.


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