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HP 200 - History of American Architecture

Robert McCullough


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University of Vermont
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HP200 - History of American Architecture
Robert McCullough
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Students will be responsible for identifying those buildings posted on the web page for this course. The home page address is, and a separate table has been designed for this course, with links to both the course syllabus and the slide schedule. Identification should include the appropriate name, location, date or period of construction, and architect or other person associated with the building. Students will also be responsible for identifying the styles and building types depicted by these images and for estimating an appropriate period of design or construction.

This list is provided as supplemental information to assist with class presentations and note-taking. A large number of the images on this list have appeared in the journal titled American Architect and Building News (abbreviated as AABN), which changed its name to American Architect (AA) in 1909. The dates shown in these cases indicate the date of the journal, which may not be the same as the date of design or construction.

1. Introduction

2. Prehistoric, Ancient and Medieval America
Teton Sioux Woman. Karl Bodmer c. 1830s
Thompson Pit House, Nicola Valley, British Columbia
Pit House ­ Section and Overhead. c. 1900
Aukara Earth Lodge, Beaver Creek, North Dakota. c. 1900
Earth Lodge Construction
Mandan Earth Lodge, South Dakota. c. 1935
Earth Lodge Interior, Fort Clark, North Dakota. Karl Bodmer. c. 1830s
Mandan Village, Upper Missouri River Region. Karl Bodmer, c. 1833
Bull Dance, Mandan Village, Northern Plains. George Catlin, 1832
Grass House, c. 1927
Blackfeet Tipi, Northern Plains. c. 1900
Crow Woman and Travois. c. 1880
Tipi Floor Plans
Cheyenne Camp. c. 1880
Cheyenne Sun Dance Lodge
Crow Sweathouse. c. 1927
Serpent Mounds, Ohio. Adena Culture, Middle Woodland Period, 1st Century BC
Adena Period House, Cowan Creek Mound, Ohio
Mound City, Hopewell Culture, Chillicothe, Ohio. Edwin Hamilton Davis, 1858
Marietta Earthworks, Ohio. Squire & Davis, 1848
Moundville, Western Alabama. Mississippian Culture, AD 1200
Etowa Village, Georgia. Mississippian Culture
Monks Mound, near Cahokia, Illinois. c. 1892
Emerald Mound, near Natchez Trace, Mississippi.
Potawatomi Wigwam, Kansas
Wigwam Frame. Northeast and Plains Indians
Wigwams, Western Cree Camp. c. 1884
Menomini Summer House and Ramada, Zoar, Wisconsin. c. 1916
Secotan Village, Powhatan Indians, North Carolina. c. 1577-90
Southern Algonquian Camp, North Carolina. John White, c. 1600
Iroquois Longhouse, near Syracuse, New York. Discovered 1964.
Longhouses, Mohawk Village, Otstungo, New York.
Puritan Village Reconstruction, Salem, Massachusetts
Modern Chippewa Wigwam
Winnebago Wigwam
Mat House, c. 1952
Seminole Village, near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. c. 1917
Chickee, Big Cypress Seminole Camp, Florida.
Makah Village, Ozette, Washington.
Haida House, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. c. 1900
Plank House Construction
Makah Craftsmen
Kwakiutt Plank House
Kwakiutt Plank House ­ Snapping Door, Gwayasums Village, Vancouver Island
Yurok Houses
Yurok Sacred Chamber, Pekwam Village, Northwest California
Pima Village, Gila River, Central Arizona Territory. Seth Eastman, c. 1850
Apache Kowa / Wikiup
Navajo Conical Hogan
Conical Hogan Construction
Navajo Stacked Log Hogan
Navajo Hogan Frame, Northern Arizona
Canyon de Chelly
Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon. AD 900-1200
Cliff Dwelling, Bandelier National Monument
Anasazi Cliff Dwelling, Southern Utah
Mesa Verde National Monument, Colorado
Kiva, Mesa Verde National Monument, Colorado
Kiva, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico
South Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico
North Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico
Acomo Pueblo, New Mexico
Pueblo Section
Acomo Pueblo, New Mexico. View and Street Scene
Pecos National Historic Site, New Mexico
Adobe House, Taos, New Mexico
Mardu Roundhouse, Northern California
Drum Dance Lodge, Mille Lac, Wisconsin, c. 1910

3. Colonial England
Palazzo Griffoni, Piazza Annunziata, Florence. Ammanati. Mid 16th C.
Palazzo Cocchi, Piazza Santa Croce, Florence. Early 16th C.
Eastbury Manor House, Essex. 1572-73
Condover Hall, Shropshire. 1598
Bilting Grange Farm, Bilting, Kent. 17th Century
Provincial Jacobean House, Warwick, England. Late 16th Century
Adam Thoroughgood House, Princess Anne County, VA. 1636-40
Typical Plan, 17th Century Tidewater House
Arthur Allen House. "Bacon's Castle," Surrey County, VA. c. 1655
St. Luke's Newport Parish Church, Isle of Wight County, VA. c. 1632-1675
Houchin's House, Feering, Essex. c. 1600
Swans Hall, Suffolk. c. 1600
Parson Joseph Capen House, Topsfield, MA. 1683
Whipple House, Ipswich, MA. c. 1655-1683
Balch House, Beverly, MA
Gedney House, Salem, MA. 1665-1700
Frame and plan, Clemence House, Manton, RI. c. 1680
Rhode Island House Types - Clemence House and Arnold House
Eleazer Arnold House, Lincoln, RI, 1687
Plan - Valentine-Whitman House, RI.
Mayflower Cottage, Essex. 1620
Boardman House, Saugus, MA. 1687
Anthony Austin House, Suffield CT. 1691-1727
Narbonne-Hale House, Salem, MA. 1670. 1710-1730.
Jobey Wilder House, Hingham, MA. c. 1690
1/4 Cape Cod House
1/2 Cape Cod House
3/4 Cape Cod House
Guildhall, Dullingham, Cambs. 15th Century
Corpus Christi Guildhall, Suffolk. c. 1520s
Market Hall, Market Harborough, Leics. 1618
Meeting House, Malden, MA. 1658
Meeting House, Sudbury, MA. 1643 & 1653
Meeting House, Plymouth, MA. 1683
Old Ship Meeting House, Hingham, MA. 1691
Windmills, Nantucket and Long Island
Caleb-Pusy House, Upland, PA. 1683-96
Graeme Park, Horsham, PA. 1722; 1745-60
John Chads House, Chads Ford, PA. c. 1725

4. Colonial Holland, Sweden, France and Spain
Stadt Huys, New Amsterdam. 1641-42.
Flemish Bond Brick
Common Bond Brick
Patterned Bond Brick
Tavern, Van Cortlandt Manor, New York.
Dutch 1/1 Story House, late 18th century, Chapel Hill Village, Middletown, NJ
Typical Dutch 17th/Early 18th Century Floor Plan
Hasbrouck House, New Paltz, NY. c. 1712
De Pew House, New City, NY. 1740 ­ 1780
Van Horn House, New City, NY
Rubblestone Masonry
Random Ashlar
Coursed Ashlar - Irregular Course
Coursed Ashlar - Regular Course - Quarry Face
Coursed Ashlar - Regular Course - Smooth Sawn
Rittenhouse Town, Philadelphia, PA. c. 1690-1720
Floor Plan - Typical Pennsylvania German House, 18th Century
Grumblethorpe, Germantown, PA. 1744
Peter Wentz Farmstead, Worcester, PA. 1758
Huguenot House, New Paltz, NY. 1695
Log House Construction, Todd's Country Homes
Swedish Log House, 17th Century
Bard House, Burlington County, NJ. 1720
Swedish Double Log House, Delaware County, NJ. 17th Century
Floor Plans - Swedish 17th and Early 18th Century Houses
Reall Log House, Salem County, NJ
Log House, Route 30, St. Thomas, PA
Old Swedish Church, Gloria Dei, Philadelphia, PA. 1698-1700
Martin - Boismenue House, Prairie du Pont, IL. c. 1790
Cahokia Court House, Cahokia, IL. 1737
Madame John's Legacy, New Orleans, 1788
Home Place, Keller House, St. Charles Parish, LA. 1801
Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, NM. 1610-14; 1867-68; 20th Century
Adobe Houses, Santa Fe, NM. Late 18th Century
San Estevan Mission, Acomo Pueblo, NM. 1629-1642
San Jose Mission, Old Laguna Pueblo, NM. 1699-1706
San Fransisco de Asis, Ranchos de Taos, NM. c. 1805-1815
Alamo, San Antonio, TX. 1744-57
Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo, San Antonio, TX. 1720-31

5. Georgian ­ Early Period
The Queen's House, Greenwich. Inigo Jones. 1616-35
Coleshill, Berkshire. Roger Pratt. c. 1650
Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England. Tallman & Archer, 1687-1707
Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Sir Christopher Wren. 1682-89
Wren Building, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. 1695
Till House, Stamford, Lincolnshire. 1674
Eagle House, Metcham, Surrey. 1705
Westover, Charles City County, VA. William Byrd, II. 1730-34
Plate - Palladio Londinensis, William Salmon, 1734
Plate 57, Book 2­ Four Books of Architecture by Andrea Palladio. 1663 & 1715
Plate 51, Chapter 2, Vitruvius Brittannicus by Colin Campbell. 1715-25
Plate 30, The City and Country Builder's and Workman's Treasury of Designs by Batty Langley
Stratford Hall ­ Thomas Lee House, Westmoreland County, VA. 1725-30
Blounce, South Wainborough, Hants, England. 1699
Wythe House, Williamsburg, VA. c. 1755
MacPhaedris-Warner House, Portsmouth, NH. 1718-23
Wentworth-Gardner House, Portsmouth, NH. 1760
Dwight House, Deerfield, MA. 1725
Old Manse, Deerfield, MA. c. 1768
Isaac Royall House, Medford, MA. 1733-37 and 1747-50
Town House, Wanstead, London
Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, VA. 1711-15
St. Paul's Episcopal (Old Naragansett Church), Warwick, RI. 1707
Christ Church (Old North), Boston, MA. William Price. 1723
St. James Garlickhythe, London. Sir Christopher Wren. 1676-83. Spire 1713-17
St. James, Picadilly, London. Sir Christopher Wren. 1676-84. Reconstructed 1947-54
Trinity Church, Newport, RI. Richard Munday. 1725-26. Spire, 1741
Old South Meetinghouse, Boston, MA. 1729
First Church of Christ, Farmington, CT. 1771
Meetinghouse, Rockingham, VT. 1787
Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA. Andrew Hamilton and Edmund Wooley. 1732-48
Old Colony House, Newport, RI. Richard Munday. 1739-41

6. Georgian ­ Late Period
Holkham Hall, Norfolk. William Kent. Begun 1734
Plan for a Villa, Four Books of Architecture by Andrea Palladio. 1663 & 1715
Plates 42 and 58, A Book of Architecture, by James Gibbs.
Mount Airy, Richmond County, VA. John Ariss. 1758-62
Carters Grove, James City County, VA. Richard Bayliss ­ Woodcarver. 1750-53
Miles Brewton House, Charleston, SC 1765-69
John MacPherson House, "Mount Pleasant." Philadelphia, PA. 1761-62
Longfellow House, Cambridge, MA. 1759
Jeremiah Lee Mansion, Marblehead, MA. 1768
Pulsipher-Smith House, Rockingham, VT. c. 1760?
King House, Suffield, CT. 1803
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London. James Gibbs. 1726
Christ Church, Philadelpphia, PA. John Kearsley. 1727-44
First Baptist Meetinghouse, Providence, RI. Joseph Brown. 1774-75
Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, PA. Robert Smith. 1770-73
Redwood Library, Newport, RI. Peter Harrison. 1748-50
Summer House, Redwood Estate, Newport, RI. Peter Harrison
King's Chapel, Boston, MA. Peter Harrison. 1749
Touro Synagogue, Newport, RI. Peter Harrison. 1759-63
Christ Church, Cambridge, MA. Peter Harrison
Brick Market, Newport, RI. Peter Harrison. 1761-62
Somerset House, London..Sir William Chambers. 1776-796.
Hammond-Harwood House, Annapolis, MD. William Buckland. 1773-74

7. Classicism ­ Traditional or Federal
"Remains of the Temple of Jupiter at Selinus," Friedrich von Gartner, 1819
"Evolution of Doric Order," in Civil Architecture by Sir William Chambers, 1759
Kenwood, Middlesex (North Portico). Robert Adam. 1769-70. Library, Kenwood. Robert Adam
Vernon House, Newport, RI. 1708. Enlarged c. 1760
Pingree House, Salem, MA. Samuel McIntire. 1805
Langley-Boardman House, Portsmouth, NH. c. 1804
David Whitten House, Hingham, MA. c. 1803
Federal Style, Rockingham, VT. c. 1805
Federal Style, Newington, NH. c. 1805
Federal Style Cape Cod Type, South Strafford, VT. c. 1820
The Woodlands, Philadelphia, PA. William Hamilton. 1742. 1788-89
Sweetbriar, Philadelphia, PA. 1794
Langley-Boardman House, Portsmouth, NH c. 1804
Nathaniel Russell House, Charleston, SC. c. 1811
Isaiah Davenport House, Savannah, GA. 1821
Old Statehouse, Hartford, CT. Charles Bullfinch. 1792
Tontine Crescent, Boston, MA. Charles Bullfinch. 1794
1st Harrison Gray Otis House, Boston, MA. Charles Bulfinch. 1796-97
2nd Harrison Gray Otis House, Boston, MA. Charles Bulfinch. 1800
3rd Harrison Gray Otis House, Boston, MA. Charles Bulfinch. 1806
Center Church, New Haven, CT. Asher Benjamin & Ithiel Town. 1812-1815
First Congregational Church, Bennington, VT. Lavius Fillmore. 1804. Asa Hyde, woodcarver
Lancaster Meeting House, Lancaster, MA. Charles Bulfinch. 1816
Massachusetts State House, Boston. Charles Bulfinch. 1795-98
Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA. Charles Bulfinch. 1805
U.S. Capitol, Aquatint of drawing by Charles Bulfinch, 1826.
Capoitol Gatehouse, Washington, D.C. Charles Bulfinch. 1814. Moved to White House grounds, 1870
U.S. Customs House, Salem, MA. 1819
Town Hall, Salem, MA
Old Chapel, Middlebury College. 1835-36
Upper Harris Mill, Harrisville, NH. 1830-32

8. Classicism ­ Idealistic or Jeffersonian
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson, Gilbert Stuart, 1805. "Eaglehill Portait."
Monticello. Watercolor by Jefferson Vail, c. 1825
First Monticello ­ c. 1772 plans
Andrea Palladio, Plan for a Villa. Plates 35 and 39. Four Books of Architecture
Maison Carre, Nimes. 1st Century BC
Virginia State Capitol, Richmond. Thomas Jefferson. 1785-89
View of Richmond, VA. B. H. Latrobe, 1796
Hotel de Salm, Paris. 1782-86
Monticello, near Charlottesville, VA. Thomas Jefferson. 1793-1809
University of Virginia, Charlottesville. Thomas Jefferson. 1817-26
Maison de M''elle Guimard, Chausee d'Antin. C.N. Ledoux
Union College, Schenectady, NY. J.R. Ramee. 1812

9. Classicism ­ The Rational Phase
Portrait of Benjamin H. Latrobe. Attributed to Rembrandt Peale. c. 1816
Presentation Drawing, Richmond (VA) Theater. B.H. Latrobe, 1798
Maison des Directeurs de la Loue (River). C.N. Ledoux, 1804
Rectory, Salingham. Sir John Soane. 1786
Bank of England, Console's Office, Old Colonial Office, and Dividend Office, London. Sir John Soane. 1818
Ashdown House, Berkshire. Benjamin Latrobe. 1793
Hammerwood Lodge, Sussex. Benjamin Latrobe. 1792
Virginia State Penitentiary, Richmond, VA. Benjamin Latrobe. 1797-98
Bank of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Benjamin Latrobe. 1799-1801
Center Square Pump House, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA. Benjamin Latrobe. 1810-12
Barriere de la Vilette, Paris. C.N. Ledoux. 1784-89
Baltimore Cathedral. Benjamin Latrobe. 1804-c. 1818
First Unitarian Church, Baltimore, MD. Maximilian Godefroy. 1818
Monumental Church, Richmond, VA. Robert Mills. 1812-14
First Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD. Robert Mills. 1816-18
Fireproof Building, Charleston, SC. Robert Mills. 1822-27
Burd House, Philadelphia, PA. Benjamin Latrobe. 1801-02
Larkin House, Portsmouth, NH. 1815
Decatur House, Washington, D.C.. B.H. Latrobe, 1818
Scarborough House, Savannah, GA. William Jay, 1819

10. Classicism ­ Greek Revival
View of U.S. Capitol, Westerly Facade. Lithograph by Thomas Doughty, 1832
Plan of Washington, D.C. 1836
U.S. Capitol, Westerly Facade, William Thornton. Completed by Charles Bullfinch, 1829; and Easterly Facade, 1847.
View of Capitol after 1814 fire. George Munger
U.S. Capitol, Section of Senate Rotunda - Tobacco Capitals
U.S. Capitol, Vestibule of Senate Court Chamber - Corn Capitals
View of President's House after 1814 fire.
White House. D.W. Kellogg print. North portico, 1829. B.H. Latrobe
Treasury Building, Washington, D.C. Robert Mills. 1836-42
Second Bank of United States, Philadelphia, PA. William Strickland, 1818
Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfurt, KY. Gideon Shryock, 1827-30
Connecticut State Capitol, New Haven, CT. Ithiel Town. 1827
Indiana State Capitol, Indianapolis, IN. Town and Davis, 1832-35
Ohio State Capitol, Columbus. Henry Walters, Thomas Cole, and A.J. Davis. 1838-61
Tennessee Capitol, Nashville, TN. William Strickland, 1845-59
U.S. Custom House, New York. Town & Davis. 1833
Founders Hall, Girard College, Philadelphia, PA. Thomas U. Walter. 1833-47
Maritime Exchange Building, Philadelphia, PA. William Strickland. 1832-1834
Old Stone Temple, Quincy, MA. Alexander Paris. 1828
Second Baptist Church, Richmond, VA. Thomas U. Walter. 1841
St. Luke and the Epiphany, Philadelphia. Thomas Stewart, 1839-40
Congregational Church, Slaterville, RI. c. 1840
Congregational Church, Saybrook, CT
Sears House, Boston, MA. Alexander Paris. 1816
Hyde Hall, Cooperstown, NY. Philip Hooker, 1833
"Country Residence," in A Modern Builder's Guide,Minard Lafever
Nicholas Biddle Estate, "Andalusia," near Philadelphia, PA. Thomas U. Walter and Nicholas Biddle. 1836.
Russell House, Middletown, CT. Town & Davis, 1828-30.
"Study for Double Parlors in the Classical Style," A.J. Davis, c. 1830
Plate 75, "Country Residence," A Modern Builder's Guide, Minard Lafever
Elias Brown House, Old Mystic, CT. 1835
Greek Revival House, Genesee County, NY
Classic Cottages
Central of Georgia Railroad Commercial Block, Savannah, GA. 1856
Commercial Block, Savannah, GA. 1852
"The Three Bears," Ovid, NY.

11. Gothic Churches and Ecclesiologists in America
Gothic Vaulting
Suffolk Parish Church, Lavenham. "Perpendicular Style." 1480s
Nave Roof, Wyhmondham Abbey, Norfolk, England
First Trinity Church, New York. 1698
Second Trinity Church, New York. 1788-90
Strawberry Hill, Twickenham. Horace Walpole. 1748 and later
Design for Baltimore Cathedral, Benjamin Latrobe. 1805
Christ Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C. 1805
St. Mary's Chapel, Baltimore, MD. Maximiliam Godefroy. 1806
St. John's Church, Providence, RI. John Holden Green. 1810
"The Architect's Dream," Thomas Cole. 1840
Plate 55, A Modern Builder's Guide, Minard Lafever
Trinity Church, New Haven, CT. Ithiel Town, 1813-14
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Troy, NY. 1826-28
St. James Episcopal Church, Arlington, VT. William Passman. 1829-31
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, PA. William Strickland. 1822-23
Agustus Welby Pugin, Contrasts (1836). English towns, 1740 and 1840
St. Giles, Cheadle, England. A.W. Pugin. 1842-43
Trinity Church, New York. Richard Upjohn. 1839-40
St. Mary's Church, Burlington, NJ. Richard Upjohn. 1846-48
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Brookline, MA. Richard Upjohn, 1851
St. James the Less, Philadelphia, PA. Robert Ralston and John Carver with plans from the Cambridge Camden Society. 1846-49
St. Thomas's Episcopal Church, Amenia-Union, NY. Richard Upjohn. 1849-51
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Clermont, NY. Richard Upjohn, 1857
Gothic Revival Church, Stannard, VT.
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, PA. John Notman. 1847-49
Grace Church, New York. James Renwick. 1843-46
St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York. James Renwick. 1858-60. 1865-79. 1888

12. Gothic Revival and the Picturesque Villa and Cottage
James Hillhouse Residence, "Highwood," New Haven, CT. Town and Davis, 1829
Rathbone House, "Kenwood," near Albany, NY. A.J. Davis, 1842
Stourhead, Wiltshire. Henry Hoare. 1741-43
Hagley Park, Worcestershire. Sanderson Miller, 1747
"Kindred Spirits," Asher B. Durand. 1849
"Schroon Mountain," Thomas Cole
"Sedgely," Philadelphia, PA. Benjamin Latrobe. 1799
Portrait of Alexander Jackson Davis,
A.J. Davis House, "Wildmont," West Orange, NJ. A. J. Davis. 1878
Ithiel Town House, New Haven, CT. Ithiel Town. 1836-37
Sir Walter Scott Estate, "Abbotsford," Scotland. William Atkinson, 1812-15
Glen Ellen, Towson, MD. A. J. Davis. 1832-33
Villa for Robert Donaldson, Fishkill Landing, NY. A.J. Davis, 1834
Title Page and Vignette, Rural Residences, A.J. Davis, 1838
Blithewood, Tarrytown, NY. A.J. Davis. 1836
Gate House, Blithewood. A.J. Davis. 1836
"Farmer's House," Rural Residences, A.J. Davis
General William Paulding Estate, "The Knoll," Tarrytown, NY. A.J. Davis.1838, and the George Merritt Estate, "Lyndhurst," Tarrytown, NY. A.J. Davis. 1865-66
Portrait of Andrew Jackson Downing
Landscape Plan, Rathbone House, near Albany, NY. A.J. Downing. 1842
"Villa in the Pointed Style," A.J. Downing, 1850
House for David Codwise, Rural Residences, A.J. Davis. 1835
Kingscote, Newport, RI. Richard Upjohn. 1839
Green-Meldrim House, Savannah, GA. John Norris. 1853
Charles Bruce House, "Staunton Hill," Charlotte County, VA. John E. Johnson. 1848
Wedding Cake House, Kennebunk Landing, ME. 1826 and 1855
Rotch House, New Bedford, MA. A.J. Davis. 1845
Symmetrical Cottage (Rural Gothic Manner), A.J. Downing, 1850
Angier House, Medford, MA. A.J. Davis. 1842
Justin Morrill Homestead, Strafford, VT. 1848-53
Color Plate - Cottage Residences, A.J. Dowining
Cottage for a Country Clergyman, Cottage Residences, A.J. Downing
Balloon Frame
H.C. Bowen House, "Roseland," Woodstock, CT. Joseph Wells, 1846
T. Waterman Wood House, "Athenwood," Montpelier, VT. 1850
Vernacular Gothic Revival Houses, Seneca Falls, NY, Cavendish, VT, Phelps, NY, and Northfield, MA.
Gothic Revival Commercial Block, Shelburne, Falls, MA.

13. Italian Villa and Italianate; Renaissance, Romanesque, and Egyptian
Revivals; Medieval Castles; Octagon Mode
Henry Harral House, "Walnut Wood," Bridgeport, CT. A.J. Davis, 1846-50
Study for a Villa for James Smilliee," Rondout, NY. A.J. Davis, 1836
Villa Medici at Caffaggiolo, Guisto Utens, 1599
Villa Medici L'Ambrogiana at Montelup o Fiorentino. Guisto Utens, 1599
Edwin Litchfield House, "Grace Hill," Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. A.J. Davis 1854-57
Morse-Libby House, Portland, ME. Henry Austin. 1859
Camden, Caroline County, VA. Norris Starkwether. 1856
Italian Villa Style, Jamestown, NY.
"Villa in the Italian Style," Architecture of Country Houses, A.J. Downing.1842. (Edward King House, Newport, RI. Richard Upjohn, 1845
"Villa in the Italian Style - Bracketed," Cottage Residences, A.J. Downing
"Design for Suburban Villa," Villas and Cottages. Calvert Vaux. 1864. (Dodge Houses, Georgetown, D.C.)
Palazzo Piccolomini, Pienza. Bernardo Rossellino. 1459
Philadelphia Atheneum. John Notman. 1845-47
Italianate Style, Seneca Falls and Moravia, NY
"Cottage-Villa in the Bracketed Mode," Cottage Residences, A.J. Downing, 1852
"Suburban Cottage in the Italian Style," Architecture of Country Houses," A.J. Downing, 1850
"Symmetrical Bracketed Cottage, With Veranda," Architecture of Country Houses," A.J. Downing, 1850
"Small Bracketed Cottage," Architecture of Country Houses. A.J. Downing. 1850
"Working-Man's Model Cottage, Architecture of Country Houses, A.J. Downing, 1850
Suburban Cottage, Todd's Country Homes, Sereno Edwards Todd
Italianate Style, Moravia, NY
"Bracketed Dwelling House," American Agriculturalist, 1859
Italianate Style, Rumson, NJ and Montpelier, VT
James Bogardus Factory, NY. 1848-49
Daniel Badger's Architectural Iron Works, NY.
Houghwout Building, NY. John P. Gaynor & Daniel Badger. 1857
319 Broadway, NY. David and John Jardine. 1869. Daniel Badger Foundry
Cast Iron Commercial Block, Greene Street, NY
Phelps Hotel, Phelps, NY
Cast Iron Storefronts, Cincinnati, OH.
Italianate Row House, Capitol Hill District, Washington, D.C.
Zeigler House, Savannah, GA. 1856
Central Railroad of Georgia Depot, Savannah, GA. 1860-76
Fire Station, Gardner, MA
West Spruce Street Presbyterian Church (Now 10th Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. John McArthur. 1854.
Unitarian Church, Montpelier, VT. Thomas Silloway, 1865
Priory Church of Notre Dame, Malay, Saone-et-Loire, France. 11th Century
Central Railroad Station, Providence, RI. Thomas Tefft. 1848
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. James Renwick, Jr. 1848-55
Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia. John Notman. 1856-59. Tower, 1868
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia. John Haviland. 1823-36
Halls of Justice (the Tombs), New York. John Haviland. 1836-38
Essex County Courthouse, Newark, NJ. 1836
Competition Drawing for the Halls of Justice, New York. AJ Davis. 1835.
"Study of the Temple Erment." A.J. Davis. c. 1830
"Study for a Church in the Egyptian Style." A.J. Davis. 1834
Whaler's Church, Sag Harbor, NY. Minard Lafever. 1844
Entrance Gate, Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT. Henry Austin. 1845
Fowler House, Fishkill, NY. Orson Squire Fowler, 1848-53
Mt. Washington Octagon, Baltimore, MD. Thomas Dixon. 1855
Octagon House, Hoosick Falls, NY. 1853
Villa in the Oriental Style," Rural Residences. A.J. Davis. 1835
Washington Irving House, "Sunnyside," Tarrytown, NY. 1836

14. The Battle of the Styles: Second Empire and High Victorian Gothic
New York City Post Office. 1875. Demolished.
Provident Life and Trust Company, Philadelphia, PA. Frank Furness. 1879 and 1888-89. Demolished.
New Louvre, Paris. 1852-57. L.T.J. Visconti and H.M. Lefuel
Boston City Hall. Gridley Bryant and Arthur D. Gilman. 1862-65.
State War and Navy Building (Executive Office Building), Washington, D.C. Alfred B. Mullett. 1871-87
Philadelphia City Hall. John McArthur. 1871-81
Central Vermont Railroad Depot, St. Albans, VT. 1867-68
Grand Central Station, New York. John B. Snook & Isaac Buckhout. 1869-71
Tribune Building, New York. Richard M. Hunt, 1875.
Western Union Building, New York. George B. Post, 1875.
Corcoran Gallery/U.S. Court of Claims, Washington, D.C. James Renwick, Jr. 1859
Pavilion Building, Montpelier, VT
Paran Stevens Townhouse, New York. Richard M. Hunt. 1870-71
Second Empire Style, Seneca Falls, Moravia, and Jamestown, NY,
Richford, VT, Piermont, NH, and Hingham, MA.
Ducal Palace (Doge's Palace), Venice, Italy. 1320-1350
All Saints Church, Margaret Street, London. William Butterfield, 1850-59
Rugby School Chapel, Warwickshire. William Butterfield, 1870-72
All Souls Unitarian Church, New York. Jacob Wrey Mould. 1853-55
National Academy of Design, New York. Peter B. Wight. 1863-65
Jefferson Market Courthouse, New York. Calvert Vaux & Frederick Withers. 1875
Nott Memorial Library, Union College, Schenectady, NY. Edward T. Potter. 1872-75
Memorial Hall, Harvard University. Ware & Van Brunt, 1870-78
Portrait of Frank Furness
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia. Frank Furness, 1871-1876
Provident Life and Trust Company, Philadelphia. Frank Furness, 1876-79
Thomas Hockley House, Philadelphia, PA. Furness and Hewitt, 1875-1894
Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Furness, Evans, & Co., 1888,1914,1923,1931.
College Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Thomas Richards. 1870-72
High Victorian Gothic, Rochester, NY
Temple Emanu-El Synagogue, New York. Leopold Eidlitz, 1866-68

15. The Romanesque of Henry Hobson Richardson
Portrait of H. H. Richardson, George Corliss Cox, 1883
H.H. Richardson House, Staten Island, NY. 1868-69
Grace Church, Medford, MA. 1867-69
Brattle Square Church, Boston. 1869-73
Trinity Church, Boston. 1872-73
House and Studio, "The Coops," Brookline, MA. c. 1880s
Sever Hall, Harvard University. 1878-80
Austin Hall, Harvard University. 1880-84
Winn Memorial Library, Woburn, MA. 1876-79
Ames Memorial Library, North Easton, MA. 1877-78
Crane Memorial Library, Quincy, MA. 1880-82
Billings Library, University of Vermont. 1883-86
Proposal for Billings Hall. University of Vermont. Rossiter & Wright. AABN (Oct. 1883).
Old Colony Railroad Depot, North Easton, MA. 1881
F.L. Ames Gate Lodge, North Easton, MA. 1880-81
Glessner House, Chicago. 1880-87
Portrait of H. H. Richardson. Marian Hooper Adams, 1884
Saint Nectaire, near Clermont-Ferrand, France. c. 1080
Cheney Brothers Building, Hartford, CT 1876-76
Marshall Field Wholesale Store, Chicago. 1885-87
Allegheny Courthouse and Jail, Pittsburgh, PA. 1884-88
Hennepin County Courthouse, Minneapolis, MN. Long & Kees, AABN, 1896
Public Library, Cambridge, MA. Van Brunt & Howe. AABN (June 11, 1892).
Osborn Hall, Yale University, New Haven, CT. Bruce Price. AABN (March 1890).
Residence, Follen Street and Cambridge Ave., Cambridge, MA. Longfellow, Alden and Harlow. AABN (July 29, 1893).
Residence, Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN
First Methodist-Episcopal Church, Baltimore, MD. McKim, Mead, & White. AABN (March 1887).

16. Stick Style, Queen Anne, and Late 19th Century Eclecticism
Griswold House, Newport, RI. Richard M. Hunt. 1862
Merriam House, Newton, NJ. 1883
"Cottage in the Bracketed Mode," Cottage Residences, A.J. Downing. 1852.
"Morning Glory Cottage," Todd's Country Homes. Sereno Edwards Todd
Olmstead House, Hartford, Conn. Gervase Wheeler
Design for a Swiss Chalet, Village and Farm Cottages. William Cleaveland
Balloon Frame, Carpentry Made Easy, William Bell, 1858
Willoughby House, Newport, RI. Leopold Eidlitz. 1854
Bassett House, New Haven, CT. 1869-70
Michigan State Building, Philadelphia Centennial. 1876
Sturtevant House (Jacob Cram House), Middletown, RI. Dudley Newton 1872
Samuel Pratt House, "Bird's Nest Cottage," Newport, RI. R.M. Hunt, 1872
Greensboro Bend Depot, Greensboro, VT
Plans for a House, Carl Pfeiffer. AABN (1881)
McGinley House, Shady Side, Pittsburgh, PA. Jas. T. Steen. AABN (October 1882).
Thomas Appleton House, Newport, RI. R. M. Hunt, 1875
Dorr House, Mt. Desert Island, ME. Alexander F. Oakey. 1876-77
Leyswood, Withyham, Sussex, England. Richard Norman Shaw, 1868
Watts-Sherman House, Newport, RI. H.H. Richardson. 1874
British Buildings, Philadelphia Centennial. Thomas Harris. 1876
Henry Pedder House, Llewellyn Park, Orange, NJ. Henry Hudson Holly. AABN, 1881
James Dunbar House, "Whitecaps," Monmouth Beach, NJ. Fred Withers. AABN, 1881
C.K. Garrison House, Elberon, NJ. C.K. Garrison. 1881-82
A.H. Dodd House, Orange, NJ.
Frederick Driscoll House, St. Paul, MN. William Wilcox. 1884
Toby House, Brookline, MA.
H.W. Thayer House, Albany, NY. Ogden & Wright. AABN (September 1882).
Queen Anne Style, Roland Park, MD.
Plans for Cottages, National Builder Buena Vista, New England, and Mosley Cottages, and Berry Flat Building
276 Berkeley Place, Brooklyn, NY. Lamb & Rich. AABN (February 27, 1892).
475 Main Street, Burlington, VT. 1891
Lewis Kayton House, Savannah, GA. Alfred S. Eichberg. 1889
Queen Anne Style, Jamestown, NY and Montpelier, VT
William Carson House, Eureka, CA. Samuel and Joseph Newsom, 1884-1885
Queen Anne Style, Phelps, NY
Gateway of the Twelve Pebble Stones, Toledo, Spain. AABN (December,1882).
"A Parallel of Dormers." Foreign Exchange, AABN (March 1882).
Collegiate Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, NY. AABN (September 9, 1893).
YMCA, Boston, MA. Sturgis & Brigham. AABN (November 1884)
New York Central Employees Reading Room, New York. AABN (1889)
Winan House, Baltimore, MD. McKim, Mead & White. AABN (1887).
New York Central Employees Reading Room, NY. R.H. Robertson. AABN, (April 1889).
Residential Block, near Dupont Circle, Washington, DC
Residential Block, Charles Gate, Boston, MA.
Second National Bank, Cumberland, MD. Bruce Price. c. 1893
Queen Anne, Providence, RI

17. Shingle Style
Watts-Sherman House, Newport, RI. H.H. Richardson. 1874
Fairbanks House, Dedham, MA. 1636
Victor Newcomb House, Elberon, NJ McKim, Mead and White, 1880-81
Grasshead," Swampscott, MA. Arthur Little. AABN (August 1882).
Church of St. Sylvia, Mount Desert, ME. William Ralph Emerson. 1881
Redcote, York Harbor, ME. William Dabney, Jr. 1882
Neff House, Cincinnati, OH. Bruce Price. 1881. AABN (February 1882).
Stoughton House, Cambridge, MA. H.H. Richardson. 1882-83. AABN (March 1885).
Paine House, Waltham, MA. H.H. Richardson. 1884-87
Kragsyde, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. Peabody and Stearns, 1882.
Sunset Hall, Lawrence, NY. Lamb & Rich, 1883
Lyman Joseph House, "Louisiana," Middletown, RI. Clarence S. Luce. 1883
Cottage at Short Hills Park, NJ. Lamb & Rich. AABN (January 1882).
George Cresson House, Narangansett Pier, RI. McKim, Mead & White. AABN (November 1885).
Hemenway House, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. Wm. Ralph Emerson. 1883
Smith House, Falmouth Foreside, ME. John Calvin Stevens. 1885
House by the Sea," Portland, ME. John Calvin Stevens. AABN (September, 1885)
House at Portland, ME. John Calvin Stevens. AABN (December, 1884)
House at Acorn Point, Manitou Island, St. Paul, MN. Gilbert & Taylor. AABN (May 23, 1891).
Shingle Style, Roland Park, MD
E.C. Stedman House, Newcastle, NH. E.M. Wheelwright. AABN (December 1884).
Newport Casino, Newport, RI. McKim, Mead & White. 1879-81
Isaac Bell House, Newport, RI. McKim, Mead & White. 1882-83
Low House, Bristol, RI. McKim, Mead & White. 1887
Appleton House,, "The Homjestead," Lenox, MA. McKim, Mead and White, 1876-77. AABN (November 16, 1901).
Pierre Lorillard House, Tuxedo Park, NY. Bruce Price. 1885
William Kent House, Tuxedo Park, NY. Bruce Price. 1885
Travis Van Buren House, Tuxedo Park, NY. Bruce Price, 1886
Colonial Revival, Troy, VT
Vernacular Shingle Style, Roland Park, MD

18. Late 19th and Early 20th Century Classicism: Ecole des Beaux Arts
and Classical or Renaissance-Inspired Monumentality
Birds Eye View of Washington. George H. Andrews, 1861
Panoramic View of Washington from the Capitol Dome, 1857
U.S. Capitol Dome - Section. Thomas U. Walter and Montgomery Meigs, 1859
U.S. Capitol - Westerly Facade, AABN, (1891); Easterly Facade, 1999.
Portrait of Richard M. Hunt
Studio Building, New York. Richard M. Hunt. 1857
Designs for Central Park Gateways, New York. Richard M. Hunt. 1863
Lenox Library, New York. Richard M. Hunt, 1870-77
Bibliotechque Ste. Genevieve, Paris. Henri Labrouste, 1851.
Chickering Hall, New York. George B. Post, 1874-75. AABN (August 1886).
New York Produce Exchange. George B. Post 1881-84
Villard Houses, New York. McKim, Mead & White. 1883-85
Boston Public Library. McKim, Meand & White, 1887-95
Portrait of Daniel Burnham
Court of Honor, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. 1893. Painting by Lewis Edward Heckmolt.
Plan of World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. 1893
Liberal Arts Building, Chicago Exposition. George B. Post
Administration Building, Chicago Exposition. Richard M. Hunt
Colonnade, Court of Honor. Chicago Exposition. Peabody & Stearns
Palace of Fine Arts, Chicago Exposition. George Atwood.
Transportation Building, Chicago Exposition. Louis Sullivan.
East Wing, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Richard M. Hunt. 1895
Morgan Library, New York. McKim, Mead & White. 1906
Pennsylvania Station, New York. McKim, Mead & White. 1906-1910
Grand Central Station, New York. Warren & Wetmore. Engineers, Reed & Stem and William Wilgus. 1903-13.
New York Public Library. Carrere & Hastings. 1897-1911.
Senate Parks Commission Plan for Washington, D.C.
Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. Henry Bacon. 1922
National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. Hornblower & Marshall. 1911
Organization of American States (Pan American Union) Building, Washington, D.C. Albert Kelsey and Paul Cret. Gertrude VanderbiltWhitney, sculptor. 1908
Public Library, Washington, D.C. Ackerman & Ross. 1902
Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C. Originally the Townsend House. Carrere and Hastings, 1899-1901. F.L. Olmsted, Jr., Landscape Architect

Plan for Chicago. Daniel Burnham, 1909. Renditions by Jules Guerin.
State Education Building, Albany, NY. Palmer and Hornbostle. 1908-12
Philadelphia Museum of Art. Horace Trumbauer. 1919-28
Palace of Fine Arts, Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Fransisco. Bernard Maybeck. 1915
Racquet and Tennis Club, New York. McKim, Mead & White. 1917
First Church of Christ Scientist, Central Park West, New York. Carrere & Hastings. AABN (July 1, 1905).
DeLamar House, New York. Charles P. H. Gilbert. 1906
Reading Terminal, Philadelphia, PA. Francis H. Kimball, 1891-93
Milwaukee Road Depot, Minneapolis, MN.
Scottish Rite Temple, Savannah, GA. 1913
Commercial Block, Middletown, NJ
Public Library, Hyde Park, VT. 1916

19. Period Revivals: English, Dutch, and Spanish Colonial; Englilsh Tudor;
French and Italian Renaissance; Spanish Eclectic; and Mission.
Appleton House, "The Homestead," Lenox, MA. McKim, Mead & White. 1876-77. AABN (November 16, 1901)
Commodore William Edgar House, Newport, RI. McKim, Mead & White. 1885-86.
Pierre Lorillard, Jr. House, Tuxedo Park, NY. Bruce Price, 1886
H.A.C. Taylor House, Newport, RI. McKim, Mead & White. 1885-86. AABN (July 1887).
Frelinghuysen House, Lenox, MA. Rotch & Tilden. AABN (1889).
Lewis House, Wissahickon Heights, Philadelphia. R.G. Kennedy. AABN (July 27, 1895).
Saltonstall House, Boston, MA. Peabody & Stearns. (AABN, 1887).
Town Houses, Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA. Peabody and Stearns and McKim, Mead & White. AABN (1894).
Charles Head House, Beacon Street, Boston. Shaw & Hunnewell. AABN (April 20, 1890).
George Balantine House, Beacon St., Boston. H.M. Stephenson. AABN (Oct. 31, 1891).
Goodwin House, Portsmouth, NH. c.1811
Blake House, Beacon Street, Boston. Sturgis and Cabot. AABN (May 31,
"Colonial Work in Genesee Valley, NY." Claude Bragdon. AABN (July 21, 1894).
Parker House, Detroit, MI. Rogers and MacFarlane, AABN (Oct. 30, 1897
Colonial Revival Style, Hyde Park, VT and Burlington, VT. c. 1906
West Virginia Building, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. 1893
Kentucky Building, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. 1893
Georgia Building, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. 1893
Charles Williams House, Buffalo, NY. McKim, Mead & White. 1895-96
Town Library, Lancaster, MA. 1868
High School, Cambridge, MA. Chamberlain & Austin. AABN (1892).
School, Cincinnati, OH
Ira Allen Chapel, University of Vermont. McKim, Mead & White. 1927
Waterman Hall, University of Vermont. McKim, Mead & White. 1941
Colonial Revival Fire Station and Civic Offices, Windsor, VT
First State Bank, Grantsville, PA. 920
Public Library, Ashby, MA
Public Library, New Brunswick, NJ
Albert Swasey House, St. Louis, MO. W. Albert Swasey. AABN (December 9, 1893).
Model House for NY Workingman, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893
Frederick Von Beren House, New Haven, CT. Brown & Von Beren. AA (January 20, 1915).
Pennsylvania German Colonial Revival, Philadelphia, PA.
American Four-Square, Phelps, NY c. 1915
Civic Offices, Santa Fe, NM.
Town Library, Aurora, NY. 1889
Grebe House, St. Paul, MN. L. S. Buffington. AABN, (April 4, 1896).
Tudor Revival Style, Seneca Falls, NY, Elkins Park, PA.
Paul Hunt House, Readeville, MA. Winslow and Bigelow. AABN, May 12, 1906
Tudor Revival House, Oak Lane, PA. Lee & Fetteroff. AA (May 29, 1912)
A.S. Warren House, Northampton, MA. Karl S. Putnam, AA (July 29, 1914)
G.B. Burnett House, Amherst, MA. Karl S. Putnam, AA (Aug. 5, 1914)
Weil House, Milwaukee, WI. Brust & Philip AA, (March 1, 1916)
Murphy House, "Laurelhurst," Portland, OR. Lawrence & Holford. AA (Sept.18, 1918)
H. G. Morse House, Elizabeth, NJ. H. G. Morse. AA, (August 17, 1921)
Tudor Revival, St. Paul, MN.
Tudor Revival Commercial Block, Quincy, MA.
Tudor Revival, Roland Park, MD
Tudor Revival, Minneapolis, MN
Italian Renaissance Revival, Springfield, MA
French Renaissance Revival, Minneapolis, MN
Atkinson Building, San Fransisco, CA. A. Page Brown. AABN (September 30, 1893).
Spanish Colonial Revival, San Diego, CA. William Johnson, 1921
Jarvis Johnson House, Denver, CO. AA (January 28, 1925).
Spanish Colonial Revival House, Seven Oaks, MD. Rodier & Kundzin. AA (May 20, 1926)
Spanish Colonial Revival, St. Paul, MN
The Alcazar Hotel, St. Augustine, FL. Carerre & Hastings. AA (August 1, 1896).
Troop Polytechnic Institute, Pasadena, CA. Myron Hunt & Elmer Gray. AA (June 27, 1910).
A.T. & S.F. Railroad Station, Santa Fe, NM. Bakewell & Brown. AA (November 21, 1917).
St. John's R.C. Church, San Diego, CA. John Siebert. AA (July 7, 1918).
Brigg's Estate, Miami, FL. Gordon Mayer. AA (June 11, 1919).
Charles Stein House, Rochester, NY. Foote & Headley. AABN, August 10, 1910
Cullen School, Cardiff, CA. John Siebert. AA (March 26, 1919).
Visalia High School, Visalia, CA.
Chapel, Seaview Hospital, Richmond, NY. Robert Reiley. AA (August 5, 1929).

20. Interludes and the Quest for a New Tradition: Chateauesque, Late
Gothic and Jacobean Revivals, and Bertram G. Goodhue
William Vanderbilt House, New York. Richard M. Hunt. 1879-82
Borden House, Chicago. Richard M. Hunt. 1884
Astor House (Proposed Design), New York. Richard M. Hunt. 1891-95
Mrs. William B. Astor House, New York. 1895
Ogden Goelet House, "Ochre Court," Newport, RI. Richard M. Hunt. 1889-91.
Pinchot House, "Gray Towers," Milford, PA. Richard M. Hunt (Exterior) and Henry Edward-Ficken (Interior). 1884-86
Biltmore, Asheville, NC. Richard M. Hunt. 1895
Isaac Fletcher House (Ukrainian Institute of America), New York. C.P.H. Gilbert. 1897-90.
W.K. Bixby House, St. Louis, MO. W. Albert Swasey. AABN (April 21, 1894)
William Fellows House, Montclair, NJ. Francis H. Kimball. AABN (October 10, 1891).
Chateauesque Style, Washington, D.C.
Town Hall and Library, Wellesley, MA. Shaw & Hunnewell. AABN (January 30, 1886).
Union Depot, Duluth, MN. Peabody & Stearns. 1890-92
Standard Oil Company Building, Pittsburgh, PA. W.L. Fraser. AABN (August 1885).
Armory, Jamestown, NY
Eighth Regiment Armory, New York National Guard. New York. AABN (April 11, 1891).
U.S. Post Office, Minneapolis, MN. Jas. G. Hill. AABN (Nov. 1883).
U.S. Court House and Post Office, Peoria, IL. Jas. G. Hill. AABN (Nov. 1883).
U.S. Court House and Post Office, Detroit, MI. Jas. G. Hill. AABN (October 1883).
Chapel, U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY. Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson. AABN (November 14, 1903).
Public Library, Nashua, NH. Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson, 1899
Richmond Court Apartments, Boston, MA. Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson. AABN (October 21, 1899).
Emanuel Church, Cleveland, OH. Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson. AABN (June 11, 1904).
St. Thomas' Church, New York. Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson. 1908-14
First Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA. Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson. 1910
St. Bartholomew's Church, New York. Bertram Goodhue. 1914-19
Harkness Memorial Tower, Yale University, New Haven, CT. James Gamble Rogers. 1917-21
Wrexham Tower and Branford Court, Yale University, New Haven, CT. James Gamble Rogers. 1917-21
Vanderbilt Hall, Yale Unniversity, New Haven, CT. Charles Haight. AABN (January 23, 1897).
Gymnasium, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. Cope and Stewardson. AABN (June 17, 1905).
Library Stack Building, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. William A. Potter. AABN (December 19, 1898).
Residential Quadrangle, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Whig and Mask Society.
1906 Pomeroy Hall, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA. J.A. Schweinfruth (AABN, October 15, 1904).
St. Patrick's Parochial Building, Washington, D.C. c. 1905.
Rogers Memorial Parish House, Fairhaven, MA. Charles Brigham. AABN (December 10, 1904).
High School, Methuen, MA. Henry Vaughan. AABN (March 18, 1905).
Jacobean Revival Style, St. Paul, MN
Tod Homestead Cemetery, Youngstown, OH. J.A. Schweinfurth, AA (June 18, 1919).
Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh. Charles Klauder. 1926-1937
Portrait of Bertram Goodhue
Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln. Bertram Goodhue. 1920-32.

21. Tall Buildings: The Chicago School
Jayne Building, Philadelphia. William Johnston. 1849
Project for Commercial Exchange. Alexander J. Davis. 1862
Wannamaker Building, New York. John Kellum, 1859-68. Destroyed 1956
Tribune Building, New York. Richard Morris Hunt. 1875
Grain Elevator, New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, New York.
Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor. Gustav Eiffel and A. Bartholdi, 1883-1886
American Surety Building, New York. Bruce Price. AABN (August 15, 1896)
Montauk Building, Chicago. Burnham & Root. 1882-83
Home Life Insurance Building, Chicago. William Le Baron Jenney, 1884-1885
The Rookery, Chicago. Burnham & Root. 1885-88
Auditorum Building, Chicago. Adler & Sullivan, 1887-89
Monadnock Building, Chicago. Burnham & Root. 1889-91
Troescher Building (Chicago Journal Building), Chicago. Adler & Sullivan, 1884
Wainwright Building, St. Louis. Adler & Sullivan. 1891
Guaranty Building, Buffalo. Adler & Sullivan. 1894-95
Reliance Building, Chicago. Burnham & Root. 1894-95
Marquette Building, Chicago. Holabird and Roche. 1893-94
Fisher Building, Chicago. Daniel Burnham & Co., AABN (July 17, 1897)
Great Northern Annex, Chicago. Daniel Burnham & Co., AABN (January 16, 1897)
Schiller Theater and Borden Block, Chicago. Adler & Sullivan. AABN (January 9, 1897).
Carson Pirie Scott Store, Chicago. Louis Sullivan, 1899. Addition, 1903-1904
Bayard Building, New York. Louis Sullivan, 1897-98
National Farmers Bank, Owatonna, MN. Louis Sullivan. 1906-08
Merchant's National Bank, Grinnell, IA. Louis Sullivan. 1914.
John D. Van Allen & Son Store, Clinton , IA. Louis Sullivan. 1913-15
People's Savings and Loan Association, Sidney, OH. 1917-18
Schermernhorn Building, (Now the Audubon Building), New York. George W. Post, 1891

22. Tall Buildings: New York and Corporate Urbanism
Fuller Building (Flatiron Building), New York. Daniel Burnham & Co., 1903. Painting by Samuel Halpert, 1919.
Times Building, New York. C. L.W. Eidlitz. 1904 AABN (June 3, 1905).
Singer Building, New York. Ernest Flagg. 1908
Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower, New York. Napoleon LeBrun & Sons. 1909
Bankers Trust Company, New York. Trowbridge and Livingston. 1912
Madison Square Garden, New York. McKim, Mead & White. AABN (July, 1892).
Woolworth Building, New York. Cass Gilbert. 1913. Gunvald Aus Co., Engineers.

Municipal Building, New York. McKim, Mead & White. 1913
Wrigley Building, Chicago. Graham, Anderson, Probst and White, 1919-1921. Addition, 1924.
Skyscraper Setbacks. Harvey W. Corbett and Hugh Ferris. 1922
New York Life Insurance Building, New York. Cass Gilbert. AA (April 20, 1927).
Standard Oil Building, New York. Carrere & Hastings. Shreve, Lamb & Blake. AA (September 27, 1922).
Astor Court Apartments, New York. Charles Platt. AA (November 29, 1916).
Stevens Hotel, Chicago. Holabird and Roche, 1927
San Remo Apartments, New York. Emery Roth, 1930.
Tribune Tower, Chicago. Hood and Howells. 1925
Proposal for Chicago Tribune Tower, Eliel Saarinen
American Radiator Building (American Standard Building), Raymond Hood. 1924
Panhellenic Tower, New York. John Howells, 1928
Proposal for Convocation Tower, Madison Square, New York. Bertram G. Goodhue. Rendering by Hugh Ferris.
New York Central Building (Helmsley Building), New York. Warren & Wetmore. 1929
Evening Post Building, New York. Horace Trumbauer. AA (July 5, 1926).
Chrysler Building, New York. William Van Alen. 1930
Skyline Ballet, Beaux Arts Ball, Astor Hotel. 1931
Empire State Building, New York. Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, 1931. H.G. Balcom, Engineer
RCA Building and Rockefeller Center. Reinhard and Hoffmeister; Corbett, Harrison & MacMurray; Hood and Fouilhoux. 1931-40

23. Arts and Crafts and the American Bungalow
D.L. James House, "Seaward," Carmel, CA. Charles Greene, 1918-22
Bridge House, Wyntoon, CA. Julia Morgen. c. 1931
Portrait of William Morris. Acanthus Wallpaper. 1874
William Morris House (Red House), Bexley Heath, Kent. Philip Webb, 1859
Design for a Cottage, Charles F.A. Voysey, 1898-99
Broadleys, Lake Windemere. Cambridge. Charles F. A. Voysey. 1898-99
Glasgow School of Art. Charles Mackintosh. 1897-99
C.L. Tiffany House, New York. McKim, Mead & White. AABN (July 1886).
Peacock Mosaic, World's Columbian Exposition Chapel, Chicago. Louis Tiffany. 1893
Parlor, J. Taylor Johnston House, New York. Louis Tiffany & Assoc. 1881-82
"View of Oyster Bay, " Stained Glass by Louis Tiffany & Assoc. William Skinner House, New York. 1905
Thomas Shields Clark House, Lenox, MA. Wilson Eyre. AABN (September 28, 1905)
Fleur de Lis Studio, Providence, RI. Sidney Burleigh and Stone, Carpenter & Wilson. c. 1889.
Palisades Trust and Guaranty Co., Englewood,NJ. Agmar Emburg, II. AABN (September 28, 1907).
Society of Arts and Crafts Building, Detroit, MI. Smith, Henchman & Grylls. AA (January 31, 1917).
Carlton Macy House, Woodmere, Long Island. Albis and Lindeberg. AABN (October 14, 1908).
Design for Thatched Cottages, C.F.A. Voysey, 1901.
Shaw House, "Ragdale," Lake Forest, IL. Howard Van Doren Shaw, 1896
C.F.A. Voysey House, "The Orchard," Hertfordshire, 1889.
Gustav Stickley and Edith Wiles, c. 1930
The Craftsman, January, 1904
Cement House, Half Timber, The Craftsman (August, 1906)
Cottage of Cement or Stone, The Craftsman (April, 1905)
Living Rooms, The Craftsman (Oct. 1905)
Design for a Bungalow, Harvey Ellis. 1903
Design for a One-Story Cement Bungalow, The Craftsman, 1911
Frederick Brown House, Asheville, NC. Henry Rutgers Marshall. AABN (October 12, 1889)
Edward Sweet House, Pasadena, CA. Arthur S. and Alfred Heineman. c.1911
Bungalow Type, St. Paul, MN, Chicago, IL. Southern California, Philadelphia, PA.
Fournier House, Minneapolis, MN. Purcell, Feick, & Elmslie. 1910
Keyes House, Alladena, CA. "Airplane Bungalow." 1911
Portrait of Charles and Henry Greene
Charles S. Greene House, "Oakholm," Pasadena, CA. Begun 1901
Robert R. Blacker House, Pasadena, CA. Greene & Greene.
David B. Gamble House, Pasadena, CA. Greene & Greene. 1907-08
Portrait of Bernard Maybeck
Charles Keeler House, Berkeley, CA. Bernard Maybeck. 1895
Outdoor Art Club, Mill Valley, CA. Bernard Maybeck, 1904
Hearst Hall, Berkeley, CA. Bernard Maybeck. 1899
First Church of Christ Scientist, Berkeley, CA. Bernard Maybeck, 1910
Plan for Lecture Hall, Julia Morgan. 1901
Merrill Hall, YWCA, Asilomar, CA. Julia Morgan. 1928
Bear House, Wyntoon. Randolph Hearst Estate, CA. Julia Morgan. 1933-41. Murals by William Pogeney
Bridge House, Wintoon, CA.

24. Art Deco and Streamlined Moderne
East Side Airlines Building, New York. 1939-40. Demolished
Union Terminal, Cincinnati, Roland Wank and Paul Cret for Fellheimer and Wagner, 1929-33
Austrian Postal Savings Bank, Vienna. Otto Wagner, 1904-06
Stoclet House, Brussels. Josef Hoffman. c. 1911
Central Railroad Station, Helsinki, Finland. Eliel Saarinen, 1910-1914. AA (September 26,1923).
Max Reinhardt Theatre, New York. Joseph Urban, 1928
International Exposition of Decorative Arts and Modern Industry, Paris. 1925. Esplanade; and Le Bon Marche, Louis Boileau
Von Kleinsmid Central Library, Los Angeles, CA. Bertram G. Goodhue. Completed by Carleton M. Winslow. 1921-26
Bullocks-Wilshire Department Store, Los Angeles. John and Donald Parkinson. 1928. George Stanley, Sculptor
Niagara-Hudson Building, Syracuse, NY. Bley & Lyman. 1930. Melvin King, Sculptor.
Barclay-Vesey Building (New York Telephone Company Building), New York. McKenzie, Voorhees & Gmelin. 1926
Crown Detail, RCA Victor Building (GE Building), New York. Cross and Cross, 1931.
Chrysler Building, New York. William Van Allen, 1930
Suburban Station, Pennsylvania Railroad. Philadelphia, PA. Graham, Anderson, Probst & White. 1929-34
RKO Building and Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, New York. 1932. Edward Durrell Stone, Chief Designer for Theaters. Donald Desky, Interior Design.
Warner Western Theater, Los Angeles, CA. G. Albert Lansburgh. Murals by Anthony Heinsbergen. 1930
Paramount Theater, Aurora, IL. C.W. Rapp and George Rapp. 1929
Marianne Theater, Bellevue, KY. c. 1942
Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA. Miller and Pflueger, 1931
Advertisement for Alcoa Aluminum, Fortune Magazine, c. 1935
Art Deco Trademarks
Bloom Township High School, Chicago Heights. Ryer, Danley & Smith. 1931
Thomas Jefferson High School, Chicago Heights, IL. Royer, Danley and Smith, 1931
Stewart and Company, New York. Warren and Wetmore, 1928-29
F.W. Woolworth Company, Seattle, WA. Harold B. Hamhill, 1938
The Heidelbach Company Block, Roland Park, MD
Cosmotology Careers, Duluth, MN
Breakwater Hotel, Miami Beach. FL. Anton Skislewicz, 1939
Senator Hotel, Miami Beach, FL. L. Murray Dixon, 1939. Demolished
Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA.
Rex Cole Refrigerator Sales Building, Brooklyn. Hood and Fouilhoux. AA (December 1931).
Madonna della Strada Chapel, Chicago. Andrew Rebori, 1938
Shrine of the Little Flower, Royal Oak, MI. Henry McGill. 1927. Rene Paul Chambellan , Sculptor
Suslaw River Bridge, US 101, Florence, OR. Conde B. McCullough. 1936
Ceiling Fresco, "Speed of Transportation," Bullocks Wilshire Department Store, Los Angeles. CA. Herman Sach, 1929
Pan-Pacific Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA. Walter Wurdeman and Welton Becket, 1935
Schocken Department Store, Stuttgart, Germany. Eric Mendelsohn, 1928
Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago. 1933-34. Chrysler Corporation Pavilion, Holabird and Root (John Welborn Root, Jr.); Administration. Building and Travel and Transport Building, Bennett, Burnham and Holabird.
New York World's Fair, 1939. Glass Center Building, Shreve, Lamb and Harmon; and Trylon and Perisphere, Harrison and Fouilhoux.
Greyhound Bus Depot, Washington, D.C. William S. Arrasmith. 1939-40
National Trailways Bus Depot, Chicago. Graham, Anderson, Probst & White. AA (July 1937).
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, Los Angeles, CA. Robert Derrah, 1936
National Maritime Museum, San Fransisco, CA. Mooser and Mooser, 1939
Super Chief," A.T. & S.F. Railroad Car. Interior by Paul Cret and S.B. McDonald
Coral Court Motel, Route 66, Marlborough, MO. Adolpoh Struebig, 1941
Route 66 Diner, Albuquerque, NM
Academy Theater, Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA. S. Charles Lee
Auto Skooter, Lakeside Park, Denver, CO
Lucky Strike Building, New York. William Van Alen. AA (May 5, 1928).
Carpenter's Sandwiches, Hollywood, CA.
Pullman Diner, Arlington, MA.
QE2 Diner, Albany, NY
Art Deco Storefronts. AA (November 1933).
Vitrolite Promotional Brochure

25. The Prairie School According to Frank Lloyd Wright
Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright, c. 1938
Frank Lloyd Wright House, Oak Park, IL. 1889
Charnley House, Chicago. Adler & Sullivan. 1891-92
George Blossom House, Chicago. 1892
W.H. Winslow House, River Forest, IL. 1893-94
"A Home in a Prairie Town," Ladies Home Journal, 1900
Bradley House, Kankakee, WS. 1900
Fricke House, Oak Park, IL. 1901-02
Frank Thomas House (The Harem), Oak Park, IL. 1901
Ward Willitts House, Highland Park, IL. 1902
Darwin Martin House, Buffalo, NY. 1904
Avery Coonley House, Riverside, IL. 1908
Frederick Robie House, Chicago, IL. 1909
Larkin Building, Buffalo, NY. 1903
Unity Temple, Oak Park, IL. 1904-07
Taliesin, Spring Green, WI. 1911
Arthur Richards Apartments, Milwaukee, WI. 1916
Broadacre City, 1934
Herbert Jacobs House, Madison, WI. 1936
2nd Herbert Jacobs House, "Solar Hemicycle," Middleton, WI. 1944-48
Bradley House, Woods Hole, MA. Purcell & Elmslie, 1911-12
Elmer Baker House, Kenilworth, NJ. George Maher. AABN (April 29, 1908)
Cleaney House, "Cavagna Farm," near Cincinnati, OH. Biddenmeyer, Plymton, Trowbridge. AABN (December 1886).
Prairie School Houses, Elkins Park, PA., Burlington, VT., St. Paul, MN., Minneaplis, MN.
Edgar Kaufman House, "Fallingwater," Bear Run, PA. 1935-39

25. The International Style
Proposal for Chicago Tribune Tower. Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer. 1922
Exhiibition Building, Museum of Modern Art, New York. Ain, Johnson & Day. 1950
A.E.G. Turbine Factory, Berlin. Peter Behrens. 1909-10
Fagus Shoe Last Factory, Alfeld-an-der-Leine. Gropius & Meyer. 1913
Bahaus, Dessau. Walter Gropius. 1926
Church of Notre Dame, Le Raincy. Auguste Perret. 1923-24
Maison Dom-Ino. Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret). 1915.
Citrohan House. Le Corbusier. 1919-20
Villa Stein de Monzie, "Les Terrasses," Garches. Le Corbusier. 1926-28
Villa Savoye, Poissy. Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, 1929-30
German Pavilion, Barcelona Exhibition. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1929
"Rhythms of a Russian Dance." Theo Van Doesburg. 1918
Schroeder House, Utrect. Gerrit Rietveld. 1924
Walter Dodge House, Los Angeles. Irving Gill. 1914-16
Philip Lovell Beach House, Newport Beach, CA. Rudolph Schindler. 1925-26
Philip Lovell House, Los Angeles. Richard Neutra. 1928
Gropius House, Lincoln, MA. Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. 1937
Model Solar House for Libby-Owens-Ford. Harwell Harris. 1942
Avnel Cooperative, Los Angeles. Gregory Ain. 1947
Master Plan, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Mies van der Rohe. 1939-1941
Crown Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Mies van der Rohe. 1950-1956
Dr. Edith Farnsworth House, Plano, IL. Mies van der Rohe. 1946-50
Manufacturers Trust Company Branch Office, New York. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (Gordon Bunshaft). 1954
Vermont National Bank Building, Burlington, VT
Johnson House, New Canaan, CT. Philip Johnson. 1949
Unite d'Habitation, Marseilles. Le Corbusier. 1947-52
Carpenter Visual Arts Center, Harvard Univ. Le Corbusier, 1961-64
Styling Building, General Motors Technical Center, Warren, MI. Eero Saarinen. 1952
Ingalls Hockey Rink, Yale Univ., Eero Saarinen. 1953-59
Kresge Auditorium, MIT. Eero Saarinen, 1955
Beth Shalom Synagogue, Elkins Park, PA. Frank Lloyd Wright, 1957