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The Global Village

Location: Living/Learning Center A-Building and B-Building

For UVM students interested in exploring other cultures, studying abroad, or pursuing lives and careers in an increasingly interconnected world, the Global Village may be just the place for you! Drawing on the resources of the Living/Learning Center and its dynamic network of student and faculty-led programs, the community of learners that make up the Global Village will be engaged in coursework, lectures, concerts, exhibits, faculty and peer mentoring, social connections with international students, group meals, and trips that:

What it Means to be a Global Village Citizen

In terms of organization, the Global Village will be comprised of individual “houses” of between ten and fifteen student residents, each with a particular national, regional, cultural, socio-political, and/or linguistic focus. 

Students will apply to join a particular house and live together with other students in that house, arranged in suites of five to seven students. In addition to taking part in any courses that are required or recommended for these individual houses, first-time Global Village students will also enroll in GRS 095/096-The Global Village, a self-paced, one-credit course designed to help them get the most out of residence in the Global Village. Faculty, staff and students will work together closely throughout the year to develop a rich and varied offering of activities that will be of interest to students in all houses.

For More Information

For more information, visit the Global Village Web site: http://www.uvm.edu/globalvillage


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